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A European Erasmus project combines art and social work
Landsberg: The European Union supports a socio-cultural cooperation project in which the association dieKunstBauStelle takes over the realization of the digital design.
The qualification and experience of the partners from international socio-cultural work convinced the EU Commission, which is providing 200,000 euros for this purpose.
For the current working session, eight artists, social workers, and heads of social organizations came to Landsberg for four days in February.
Participants in the international meeting in Landsberg were the heads of a cultural and social center in Brindisi (Italy), an integration center for refugees and cultural center in Granada (Spain), a street art association in Amsterdam (Netherlands), and the socio-cultural association dieKunstBauStelle from Landsberg, which was the host.
The other locations of the funded EU project “Art No Stop” are Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. Working sessions will be held there to pool the experience of sociocultural projects in a handbook, training courses, and an online platform.
Photo: Conny Kurz
Picture 1: from left to right: Dora Fanelli (SP), Gabrielle Cagnazzo (IT), Ankie Til (NL), Ed Santman (NL), Ayelen Bursztyn (SP), Sylvia Paradiso (IT), Wolfgang Hauck (DE)


On 1 March, the exhibition of the project “FutureFlashback” will be opened at the T. C. Istanbul University by the Dean Prof. Dr. Hayati Develi, Head of Department of the Faculty of Literature Prof. Dr. Necdet Neydim, and the Turkish project leader Dr. Ensa Filazi. The project leader of the IELEV School, Stephan Reischl, who co-developed the concept with Wolfgang Hauck, will also participate.
The project leader and initiator, Wolfgang Hauck, from the association dieKunstBauStelle, will travel to Istanbul with Anke Neudel, the association’s project coordinator for international cooperation.
The project began in 2019 at the secondary school in Landsberg and gradually spread further and further internationally. First came the public school İELEV in Istanbul, then schools in Ukraine, and then Istanbul University with the Faculty of Literature.
In order to make this project multilingual, the Interpreting and Translating (German-Turkish) Department of Istanbul University was involved in this project and contributed to the intercultural cooperation.
A total of 50 audio contributions from the students were divided among the students from different semesters of the department, transcribed, translated into Turkish, and read in again as audio contributions. The division of work between the students was assisted by Alper Akbay, a graduate of the department. Transcriptions, translations as well as audio recordings were completed by Ayşenur Yavuz, Sümeyra Tatlı, Deniz Varol, Yasin Atar, Hatice İnci, Tolga Maden, Sümmeye Saliha Kantar, Sema Durmuşlar, Şimal İda evik and Ersin İşbilir. The official website was translated into Turkish by graduate Suna Yıldırım.
Now, for the first time, all language versions are being shown in Istanbul. It is just too tragic that the exhibition in Ukraine was launched in January 2021 and now the traveling exhibition has to be postponed.
The first part of the exhibition was already on display in Landsberg on the main square. There, one could call up the sound recordings of the young people’s contributions with QR codes. This connected the digital and analog worlds,
The digital exhibition is independent and can be accessed at:
The various international participations were supported by:
Kultur macht stark, Türkische Gemeinde ein Deutschland Mein Land- Zeit für Zukunft, Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke, Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future EVZ, Multicultural Ukraine (MKUA).


The documentation is ready!

The team of the association dieKunstBauStelle has created a comprehensive documentation from the results FUTURE WORKSHOP BAHNPARK AUGSBURG from November and December 2021. It will be presented together with Bahnpark Augsburg gGmbH in March.
In it, multimedia content such as videos, audio contributions and documents can also be accessed online via QR codes.
The 116 pages contain statements from politics, business, architecture, urban planning and culture, as well as ideas and sketches for the development of an exhibition at the Bahnpark.
On the one hand, it is about the development of a laboratory for European history, the Rundhaus Europa, on the other hand, it is also about the entire development of the Bahnpark in the new quarter.
That is why Wolfgang Hauck, initiator of the project, has also conceived the documentation as a workbook in which to continue writing, collecting notes and ideas and working on them.
The printed documentation is available

  • At the Bahnpark in Augsburg
  • In the office dieKunstBauStelle in Landsberg

Participants will find the documentation in their mailbox shortly.


The project “Laboratory for European History – Rundhaus Europa” and the publication were supported by Fonds Soziokultur




For the first time in 2022, development processes to stabilize sociocultural work will be supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) through the Socioculture Fund.

For this purpose, 653 projects were selected to receive extensive funding until the end of 2022. With a volume of 16.9 million euros under the special NEUSTART KULTUR program, the funding will go to independent sponsors of socioculture, cultural education, media education, and cultural work throughout Germany. This is the latest news from the Fund’s press release.


The great response to the special program PROFILE:SOCIOCULTURE has clearly shown the enormous need for further development of the work.

The new project SOZIOKULTUR:KULTAINER of the association dieKunstBauStelle is also supported with funds from this funding program PROFILE:SOCIOCULTURE.

Wolfgang Hauck sees in the times of the Corona pandemic an effective and efficient possibility, in order to develop with decentralized and local offers in various formats for the cultural life.

Bild Kultainer in Schondorf

The Kultainers in Schondorf 2021


The team of dieKunstBauStelle wants to develop for this the socio-cultural activities in the rural area further. For this purpose, the KULTAINER or the open-air cinema system, which were already in use in 2021, are to be used.

For the implementation, a separate organization team is to be set up and develop and accompany cultural offers in the respective communities.

We say thank you very much for the trust and support!


On the website of the Fonds Soziokultur you can see all funded projects and initiatives:

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