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Future Flashback Zoom 2020

Future Flashback – first German-Turkish zoom meeting

Future Flashback – first German-Turkish zoom meeting

On October 6, pupils from Landsberg and Istanbul met for the first time in virtual space via Zoom.

The Turkish pupils impressed with their German language skills and gave a small insight into the everyday life of the IELEV school in Turkey.

On the German side, young people presented their school and reported on the current teaching situation caused by the corona pandemic at the secondary school in Landsberg am Lech.

The pupils’ meeting was led by Wolfgang Hauck (project manager) and Gonzalo Orce (media designer) in Landsberg and Stephan Reischl, project coordinator in Turkey, and the German teacher Pelin Demirci in Istanbul.

What unites both sides – the journey from the future to the present “Future Flashback”. It is precisely this joint project that is now to serve as a connecting bridge and encourage young people to develop their ideas across borders.

In the course of the first meeting, the individual students were able to share their own ideas that had already been developed and commonalities of the respective ideas about the future were quickly identified.

We can be curious to see what the pupils of the German-Turkish cooperation will continue to tell us about our possible future!



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Die Stelzer Landsberg Jugendprojekte

uncertain future of youth projects with the theatre on stilts

Uncertain future of youth projects with the stilts


Corona times are difficult times!
The Kreisbote reports on the situation of the theatre, the Stelzer and the future of the youth projects.

20.05.2020 Kreisbote-Landsberg: Die Stelzer Artikel


A Work With Children

Before opening of exhibition, in our office, we had a lot of
workshop with children. It was twice a week. We provide also pizza, drinks and snacks for children, to make them fully motivated. The aim of the workshop is to collect information about ‘local people about construction of new bridge’ and also collecting students’ own ideas about new bridge. In all workshops, they were happy and I think they are all great team-players.

I could not attend all of the workshops because of my German course or I attend late. Children divided into groups, we prepared microphone and recording devices for them, and they made a lot of interviews about ‘new bridge ideas for Landsberg’ with local people. The other groups stayed in the office and talked each other or played games.

Sometimes the weather was not good, sometimes it was sunny, some of the students were quite shy, some of them were brave to make interview but they are all motivated and happy in all conditions. After they completed all of the interviews, they prepared their own ideas for new bridge. They painted it on a papers that we gave, and took a little notes. The ideas of the children were too creative and some of them were really logical that made me surprised. We collected all of these paintings to prepare them for our exhibition. With all children we took a photo and distributed our exhibition’s poster to the shops in Landsberg. I helped some children to write information of their paintings in German language.

I found that the students are all great team- member and they have logical opinions about everything. Also they are all friendly and funny, sometimes they made us tired but it is normal. I had a good relationship with the students, I tried to speak with them mostly in German but when we stuck, they all have good English knowledge, we spoke in English. It improved me a lot also the pizzas were delicious.

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi

(Deutsch) TAMAM: Spaghetti für Zwei

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Fliáng – von der Idee zum Projekt


If you stand in Herzog-Ernst-Str. 179b in front of Edmund Epple’s book and record shop Discy-MusikBuchHandlung and look not only into the shop window but a little further up, you will see an inconspicuous memorial plaque. It commemorates the aviation pioneer Alois Wolfmüller, who was born in this house in Landsberg in 1864. Last year was the 70th anniversary of his death: On 3 October 1948 he died in Oberstdorf. Among other things, Wolfmüller created the first glider for sailing apparatus on a mechanical basis and thus solved one of Otto Lilienthal’s greatest technical problems to date.


Edmund Epple saw this board very often, and it was only a matter of time before the idea of an Alois Wolfmüller paper plane competition was born. “In the shop I also have the exhibition catalogue from 1991 handy next to the cash register. Stories and biographies like that need to be enlivened.” No sooner said than done – and Wolfgang Hauck, artist and director of the association dieKunstBauStelle, was just right with his idea. “More than just an exhibition, a project to participate in should emerge from it,” says Hauck, “one should lend a hand oneself. After all, Alois Wolfmüller is an example of private initiative, courage and commitment.


The idea also convinced the Rotary Club Ammersee-Römerstraße, which approved the financial start-up aid in winter 2017 to develop the concept for the project.



Little by little an entertaining program was developed. And finally, a concept could be developed, which could then be implemented with the support programmes “Kultur macht stark” and “Mein Land, Zeit für die Zukunft” of the Turkish community in Germany.



TAMAM – Making Of: The Thing with the Dry Ice

Our Fotocomic on the problem of a group of young people from different nations – with little change in the bag – to get food, has a curious resolution.

In order to make the mysterious transformation of the paper pizza from the Foodomats into a really real and edible pizza even more spectacular, we wanted to “conceal” exactly this process – namely the transformation – for the photos in steam and fog. To make the spell even clearer. To make it even more mysterious. Therefore, our consultant Conny, who works as a photographer, had the idea to work with dry ice.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2), which sublimates under normal pressure at -78.48 ° C, ie passes directly into the gas phase, without first melting. Dry ice is produced by depressurizing liquefied carbon dioxide under pressure. Part of the carbon dioxide vaporizes and removes the heat required for evaporation from the rest of the carbon dioxide, which cools it down. The result is so-called frozen carbonic acid snow. This is then, depending on the application, pressed into the desired shape.

The implementation of our idea was unfortunately not possible. First of all, it is obviously an art in itself to find a dry ice dealer nearby. After extensive research, our consultant Conny has made a find – in Igling. Unfortunately that did not help, we were unlucky. Exactly in our project period, the entire southern Germany area was affected by delivery problems with dry ice. The reason: Suppliers had problems with the carbon dioxide. We could have gone to Hamburg, because in northern Germany these problems did not exist – but of course this is somewhat absurd for the transport of dry ice.

So, with a heavy heart, we said goodbye to our idea of ​​making pizza disappear in mysterious steam. Nevertheless: Our Fotocomic has become so great – a funny story with a surreal end. Even without dry ice, fog and steam.

Jessicas review

My name is Jessica.  I am an artist, musician and children’s book writer, currently living on a farm in Poland. Since I am quite stuck to the farm during summer time (and because I’m not quite tough enough to face the sub zero temperatures of Polish wintertime) I have enjoyed taking the opportunity to explore a bit more of Europe this winter through ‘Work Away’.  Landsberg has been my final, longest and most memorable stop of the winter. I have been here just over 2 months and in that time I have met so many incredible people and formed memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

A lot of my time in the office has been spent working towards the ‘Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award’ and Jewish-German festival in May. Through this, I have encountered amazing people and stories, often devastating and inspiring in equal measure, that have changed my perception of the world.

When I have not been proof reading Wolfgang’s emails for any potentially offensive ‘German-ness’ and cooking meals with more vegetables that anyone else wants to eat, I have enjoyed freestyle dance parties in the office, karaoke nights, chaotic Arabic circle dancing, dinner parties of people I’d never met before who welcomed me like an old friend (and fed me lots of cake!),  ‘Wolfgang tours’ of the city where each small detail has its own story and, most of all, having the opportunity to meet (and make lasting friendships with) many wonderful people from all over the world.

For a small German town, Landsberg has an incredibly rich history and diverse population. I am now almost embarrassed to think of what I imaged ‘working with refugees’ to entail before I came here. The young people I have met in Landsberg have drastically changed many preconceptions I didn’t even realize I had and the ‘charity work’ I had imagined, in reality has been incredible moments of shared fun, laughter and genuine friendship, for which I am so grateful.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped make my stay here such a memorable and enjoyable one.  I hope I will see each other again some day.

Jessica xxxx

Praise and applause for a tremendous achievement

Fashion Costume Project “The Red Thread – Trau Dich” by the cultural association “dieKunstBauStelle e.V.” and “Stelzer” presented in the gym in the Platanenstraße an impressive final presentation with top-class costume creations and great acting performances on stilts.

For the third time now, the fashion costume project “The Red Thread” of the Landsberg Cultural Association “dieKunstBauStelle e.V.” has been promoted with funding from the program “Kultur macht stark. “Alliances for Education” carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Landsberg Young people from Landsberg and the surrounding area, pupils, Landsbergers and Syrian refugees, have been working together since July with great verve to work on their works, and finally in a great final performance on stilts to introduce the Landsberg audience.

In this year’s Long Night of Art, the weather conditions were not the best, so the delicate costumes and masks were shown only in one exhibition. Now the fascinating results of the costume and theater workshop could be presented as a final performance in the gymnasium of the elementary school Platanenstraße.

Metal and raffia costumes and a forest of masks

There was an exciting and well-conceived production – with costumes that live on the opposite: metal materials and bast fabric were combined in the creation. In addition, participants held animal masks attached to wooden sticks in their hand during the presentation. With pig, rabbit, elephant & Co., they created a whole forest full of masks.

“For this unusual production this year, it was particularly elaborate and demanding to make the costumes by hand,” emphasizes Renate Stoiber, former head of the costume department of the Bayreuth Festival. “The young people have shown a lot of patience. A big thank you goes to you and of course to the many helpers in the background. Without her dedication and tireless commitment, we would never have made it. “

A piece of the teenagers

Peter Pruchniewitz, theater director of the Stelzer, studied with the young people in the autumn holidays with the newly created costumes and masks a performance with musical accompaniment, which has drawn the audience immediately in its spell. “The young actors have worked out everything themselves, brought in many ideas, developed the dramaturgy and selected the music themselves,” stresses Pruchniewitz. “It was a piece of the teens, completely self-made.”

But there was a big round of applause from the audience: “The young people really did something – and that in addition to the school, exams and homework,” says Maggie from Erpfting after the production, while they were still together cozy with coffee and cake together. “Also acting I found the dramatic story played very convincingly”.

“It was a real dance theater on stilts,” stresses Brunhilde from Kaufering. “The costumes were so elaborately worked. I especially liked the idea with the animal masks. “Ute from Bremen was particularly fascinated by how much work and energy the young people put into this project. “I think it’s great that they do handicrafts in their spare time and also stage themselves and present them on stilts for more than half an hour,” she says.

Wolfgang Hauck, director of Stelzer, was very happy. “After the successful festival Licca Line, we had another opportunity to realize a bigger project for and with young people in Landsberg. That was a very special opportunity that would not have been possible without the funding. “

The extracurricular project, which theKunstBauStelle is implementing together with the project partners “Die Stelzer” and Mittelschule Landsberg, is part of the measure “Jugend ins Zentrum!”, Which is part of the program “Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education “funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Photo: Wolfgang Hauck

(Deutsch) TAMAM! Tolles Team und viel Spaß

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