LandsbergHistory – the virtual exhibition is open!

On 27 March Wolfgang Hauck opened the exhibition at 6:30 pm.

The speech was broadcast live on a YouTube channel.

Due to exit restrictions it was not possible for the invited guests to be directly on site, but about 60 people followed the opening live via streaming. Now you can watch the recording of the opening at any time.

Virtual openings like this one will be seen more often during the Corona pandemic. This is a successful example of how we can design and run cultural events despite the current restrictions.

But the digital format of this exhibition, which was designed for VR (virtual reality) glasses and as an online presentation, is also out of the ordinary. This also makes the opening a premiere for a new genre.

The theme of the current stocktaking of the culture of memory is particularly suitable for negotiating the problems of a culture of memory in the age of a collective memory that is constantly expanding digitally.

Wolfgang Hauck’s exhibition does not provide a solution, but rather identifies many more omissions and deficiencies, and also objectively points out the wilderness and dangers of the digital legacy.

At the same time he demonstrates with his use of digital means, a way to develop a historical and cultural awareness and to integrate it into the regular anniversaries of remembrance.





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