Art No Stop: social world for ART


Art No Stop: social world for ART

Granada and Italy are two more destinations of the international projects of the association dieKunstBaustelle.

This time it goes again to the capital of the province Granda in Andalusia.
For this purpose the Landsberg cultural association dieKunstBauStelle cooperates with the organization Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad in Granada.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad

TOPICS: Creativity and culture, Social entrepreneurship/social innovation, Migrants’ issues


PROJEKTNUMBER: 2020-1-ES01-KA227-ADU-095851
PROJECT INFORMATION EU: Projekt card 2020-1-ES01-KA227-ADU-095851


In our historical context, we are witnessing a drastic Global Stop, where artists are forced to stop their activities and many are no longer able to find a space to practice, create and perform their art.

Of these groups, street artists are very much affected. For this reason, we have recognized the need to create networks of collaboration and reflection to use art as an intervention tool in the world of the socially vulnerable.

By transforming communities as mere hosts into “Active Welcome Spaces”, professionals, and artists are brought together in an interactive and educational environment. They will learn the tools for transforming communities into “creative welcome spaces” and how to organize, produce and disseminate events.


Our general goal is to create a network that provides incentives for integration and creative education, to make that accessible to social projects and artists:

  1. Experimenting with new models of ACTIVE WELCOME CULTURE in the communities, with the permanent and art exhibitions inside and outside the host communities.
  2. Creating a digital web platform that brings together the aforementioned social projects that are able to provide training and services to artists.
    Equipping users with the necessary digital skills of social media to organize artistic events and transform social projects into places of active reception, promoting the arts and themselves
  3. Train adult migrants and low-skilled project users in the technical production of art exhibitions, bringing them closer to the art world and providing them with better employment opportunities
  4. Making the situation of migrants visible through art and educating citizens to change their view of migrants.
  5. Provide immigrant adults with a different perspective on host communities to be the engine of their communication and team building.
  6. Promote the inclusion of art as a form of informal education by consolidating its presence and support in social projects.
  7. To establish the vision of communities as a project of social entrepreneurship in favor of the principle of generative welfare.


The target group of this educational activity is divided into two groups with different contents:

Course 1 is aimed at 12 professionals from the third sector who collaborate in the host communities, such as Social educators, psychologists, social workers, social integrators, occupational therapists, people working in social and health care and health care, etc.

These people have high academic qualifications with knowledge of the problems of people who are in a situation of vulnerability, risk, or social exclusion.

Location: Brindisi
Date: 24th April to May 7th 2022

Course 2 is aimed at 24 migrants living in reception centers or communities. This group is usually very heterogeneous, but in general, they have low academic qualifications, problems in dealing with emotional behavioral problems, apathy, and low self-esteem.

Location: Granada
Date: 2022


  1. Creation of a digital platform to connect the world of host communities with the world of artists in the European Union.
  2. Creation of a guide for social project managers, educators, and, in general, for all staff working in host projects, with the aim of turning host communities into hosts and artistic managers and promoting social entrepreneurship.
  3. Training course for social educators, psychologists, social workers, etc., using the previously prepared guide to train them as artistic managers.
  4. Training course for migrants from host communities, teaching them the technical aspects of producing artistic performances.


  • 21. to 25. September 2021: 1st Transnational meeting in Granada, Spain
  • 16. to 19. Februaray, 2022: 2nd Transnational meeting in Landsberg am Lech, Germany
  • 24th April to May 7th, 2022 1st training course, Brindis, Italy



STATUS September 1,  2021
In progress


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