¡Vamos a Granada!

Granada is another goal of the international projects of the association dieKunstBaustelle.

This time the journey goes in the year 2020/2021 in the capital of the province Granda in Andalusia.

To this end, the Landsberg-based cultural association dieKunstBauStelle is cooperating with the organization Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad in Granada.
The workshops, training courses, and job shadowing will take place there.
16 participants from Europe will be invited to participate in order to further qualify themselves professionally.

The title of the project:ART – AWARENESS – ACTION

Art and Performance as Methods of Social Intervention and Awareness Raising

The date of implementation is still flexible and will be able to adapt to the travel possibilities.
On 18.5.2020 the funding of the project was approved by the European Union and can now start. It is one of the “K104 projects” of the ERASMUS+ program, an internal name for projects that serve the professional qualification of adult education staff in Europe.

The project includes further training courses, visits and will take place with 16 participants.
It also includes the use of the platform EPALE (E-Platform for Adult Education in Europe) and the Erasmus+ project results platform.

The program comprises the following sections:

1. Training Course 1: ACTIONS OF SENSITISATION AND CITIZENS’ PARTICIPATION (1st quarter 2021) 15.-21. March 2022
2. Training Course 2: GENDERSENSIVE INTERCULTURAL WORK (3rd quarter 2021)

3. Teaching Assignment 1: SOCIAL INTERVENTION WITH STELZEN (1st quarter 2022) 9.-30. May 2022
4. Teaching Assignment 2: STELZENBAU UND KOSTÜMDESIGN (2nd quarter 2022) 9.-30. May 2022
5. Teaching Assignment 3: STAGE DESIGN (4th quarter 2021) 9.-30. May 2022

6. Job Shadowing 1: 9.-30. May 2022)
7. Job Shadowing 2: November 2022 Participation in the “Marcha contra la Violencia de género”

The application procedure for participation is currently being prepared.


Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad

STATUS December 12, 2021
Approved and in the process of realization.
Due to the Covid19 pandemic, postponements of sections 1., 3. and 6. are planned.

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