About us

Where friendly paths converge,

the world feels like home.

after Hermann Hesse


The association “dieKunstBauStelle” was founded in Landsberg am Lech in 2014. The goals of the non-profit association’s activities are the promotion of art and culture, cultural mediation, cultural education and projects of cultural youth work. To this end, the association initiates and organizes projects together with partners from and around Landsberg am Lech.


The current focus is on projects of the bildart, especially with new media, film and photography. For this purpose, a media workshop with computer workstations is to be set up.


The association finances its activities only from membership fees, donations and the members’ own contributions.

The projects are each made possible and supported by public funding.

The association has developed from an art project of the same name: theKunstBauStelle

The center of Landsberg am Lech became a major construction site in 2013 when the main square was rebuilt. An occasion to take possession of this construction site and inner city again artistically with an exhibition. 15-20 young people developed an exhibition in public space in an extracurricular project.

Under the professional guidance of photographers, artists and writers, a series of 60 large-format prints was created. The exhibition space was located in the middle of the city, accessible to all and at any time, in the most central place, the main square.

The smaller the construction site became, the more the exhibition could expand.


The project was funded by:
Bavarian State Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts, Bavarian Cultural Fund 2013
District of Upper Bavaria, Fonds Soziokultur, City of Landsberg am Lech and the company Getec Digital Print Solutions.