Christine’s Feedback

I am Christine from Northern Ireland. I have lived in Edinburgh for the last 14 years, a city known for arts and culture as a result of the Fringe Festival which brings artists and performers from every corner of the globe.

In these changing times of Brexit and talk of borders and walls on the world stage I decided that there was no better moment to travel the length and breadth of Europe… in a campervan, with my dog!

My plan is to visit 12 counties in 12 months and raise money for SOS Children’s Villages, a charity which supports the most vulnerable, and campaigns for children’s rights globally.

Workaway enables me to discover places and work with people I would otherwise never cross paths with, giving an insight into lifestyles never considered before.

Having just finished a project in Austria working on a dairy farm I was lucky enough to be accepted at dieKunstBauStelle.

The current project was a video workshop bringing together refugees and students from the local college.

I was able to learn and socialise with the group and another volunteer, Rachel, from France – “das was wunderbar”.

Translating descriptions into English for the organisations website was the role I was tasked with.
Having no former experience in this field, progress was slow to begin with.

Through the process of learning about each former and ongoing project I was able to understand the broad reach and impact this work can have. I am inspired!

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.

I now realise the scope and medium of doing good can be as varied as one’s imagination.
I thank you Wolfgang Hauck and Karla Schönebeck.


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