Our various projects are made possible by donations in addition to the grants.
We collect money specifically through donation platforms for individual projects, but also for the financing of our basic costs.
For all donations you will receive a donation receipt to present to your tax office.

Donation platform

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Donation form as PDF

You can directly fill out the donation form as PDF and send it to us.

Donation Form-PDF

We would like to receive annual and regular donations by direct debit, because this is the easiest way for the administration and so your donation can flow directly into the projects.

If you donate $/€3  per month, then this is only $/€36 per year, if you donate $/€4 then $/€48 or $/€5  per month, then $/€60 per year. Every Euro is a big help.

Donations in kind

Donations in kind, equipment (computers, video cameras, mobile phones, smartphones, musical instruments, books, equipment) are often a great help for our work.

Just tell us what you have!

Many, many thanks!

Contact person

Wolfgang Hauck

Phone 08191-29456