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LandsbergHistory – the virtual exhibition is open!

On 27 March Wolfgang Hauck opened the exhibition at 6:30 pm.

The speech was broadcast live on a YouTube channel.

Due to exit restrictions it was not possible for the invited guests to be directly on site, but about 60 people followed the opening live via streaming. Now you can watch the recording of the opening at any time.

Virtual openings like this one will be seen more often during the Corona pandemic. This is a successful example of how we can design and run cultural events despite the current restrictions.

But the digital format of this exhibition, which was designed for VR (virtual reality) glasses and as an online presentation, is also out of the ordinary. This also makes the opening a premiere for a new genre.

The theme of the current stocktaking of the culture of memory is particularly suitable for negotiating the problems of a culture of memory in the age of a collective memory that is constantly expanding digitally.

Wolfgang Hauck’s exhibition does not provide a solution, but rather identifies many more omissions and deficiencies, and also objectively points out the wilderness and dangers of the digital legacy.

At the same time he demonstrates with his use of digital means, a way to develop a historical and cultural awareness and to integrate it into the regular anniversaries of remembrance.





(Deutsch) Eröffnung Austellung 27.3.2020

by Wolfgang Hauck

Friday 27 March 2020, 18:30

28.3. until 14.4.2020, 15-18 hrs each
Closed on 30 March, 6, 10, 12 and 13 April 2020

The exhibition shows the invisible and yet present.
75 years after the end of the Second World War.

For some, a time long past, for others just past and still far too close.

How does a city and society deal with the culture of memory?
What is visible, what is not?
What is done or not done?
What is conscious, what unconscious?
What is there without being visible?
VR glasses (3D animations) as digital access to memory transform space. Thus an exhibition appears that is not there.
Can virtual reality be an image of our collective memory?

Step into a space that is only apparently empty and decide for yourself.






An exhibition is created

Between 20 December 2019 and 7 January 2020, there was an exhibition in Landsberg which is created by dieKunstBauStelle e.V. , named ‘Landsberg Stories’. The idea is Wolfgang Hauck’s and as a volunteers, we helped him for preparation and for other works. We ordered fences and decorate the inside hall like ‘labyrinth’ in order to make the exhibition more attractive.

It was difficult, when we placed the fence to the top of the hall but it worth.  We, ‘the four volunteer’ shared the days and stay in exhibition. I stayed for 4 days and in my days there were less people, because of the holiday and cold weather, so it is sad for me. But altogether more than 400 visitors came to the exhibition.

The exhibition consists lots of interesting and different topics. The most interesting one for me is, interviews with the people, coming from outside of Germany and the difficulties that they have faced during adaptation period.

Also photo of Hitler with his car in Landsberg and the Hitler toy, are interesting for me. Moreover, I observed that people find the exhibition impressive, and I think we combined lots of different topics like construction, history and culture. This means that we did a great job!

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi


Opening and press event

Press meeting with students, 19 December 2019 at 11:00 a.m.
Vernissage and opening, 19 December 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

It is not without current reason that topics such as traffic, bridge building, migration or modern contemporary history are the focus of this project.

Different results from the work of recent years will be presented. In addition to innovative and forward-looking proposals on mobility or bridge construction, there are also many surveys and interviews to be heard and seen that the pupils have conducted in the city.

The programme was first initiated by the assosiation dieKunstBauStelle 2014 under the direction of Wolfgang Hauck and has since been implemented in a variety of ways together with the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech.

We invite you to this unusual and diverse exhibition.
You will certainly learn more about Landsberg and Landsberger than you might think.

Yours sincerely

Wolfgang Hauck & Christian Karlstetter


Location: Columned hall in the Landsberg am Lech municipal theatre

Press date and tour: 19.12.2019, 11:00 a.m.

Opening: 19.12.2019, 19:00 o’clock

Duration of exhibition: 20.12.2019 to 7.1.2020, except on 24.12., 31.12. 1.1.2020

Opening hours: Daily 14 to 18 o’clock


“The ‘Türkenmariandl’ project is supported by the ‘MeinLand – Zeit für Zukunft’ programme of the Turkish community in Germany as part of the Federal Culture Makes Strong programme. Alliances for Education of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research”.

The exhibition is sponsored by the city of Landsberg.

Exhibition 17.9. to 7. October 2019


Turborances, Teleporter and Zendusonakan
Mobility in the 21st century

17.9. to 7. October 2019

Aula of the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech
Entrance: corner Holzhauser Straße and Hindenburgring

Parking of the “church to the holy angels”
Parking of teh “Dominikus Zimmermann Gymnasium”

Opening hours:
Monday 23.9., 30.9. and 7.10. each 6 pm – 8 pm.

However, registration is required as the house is normally locked at this time.
Registration: mittelschule@landsberg.deTraffic in 50 years

Free entrance

Mobility concepts for the future

Fliang 2019 – Mobility concepts for the future

Following on from our paper airplane competition last year, our current youth workshops also deal with the topic of “flying” in the broadest sense. The children show us how they imagine mobility in the future. Really great futuristic possibilities have been created that show us how traffic in cities could perhaps soon be handled. And with what spectacular flight or driving models one will be able to move around.

Whether teleporters, flying skateboards, electric scooters that can be operated via mobile phone: There are always new and ever more imaginative ideas, some still a little vague, others already very precise and mature. Whether this is realistic and whether it would be feasible at some point is not important.

After all, Alois Wolfmüller couldn’t imagine back then that there would actually be airplanes, and above all, in what form and to what extent people fly nowadays. Nevertheless, he thought about flight models, put them down on paper and developed them.

And he never doubted his ideas. When it comes to visions, nothing should stop you. Because only if there are people with imagination, imagination, visions and a strong will, something can move forward, things can be created new.

Giant wings of cable ties

Giant wings of cable ties

Parallel to our paper airplane workshop, our workshop leader Renate has prepared an “object for all”. We are building a six-meter replica of a wing model, she said.  No sooner said than done. Anyone who was interested could take part and create an impressive grand piano from about 12,000 cable ties.
And so on both workshop days from morning till late at night, we tied, pulled, loosened and reattached. With changing tinkerers, some only for a short time, some who lasted very long. A laborious, but also grounding and relaxing work, in which a great cohesion of all participants was created. Alone through the sheer will to be able to complete the object by the end of the project. And that it was actually completed in the short time available – each and every one of us made his or her contribution.
The completion was not so easy, because our 10,000 cable ties ran out and we had to buy 2,000 more as soon as possible. And also with these it became already again scarce. Hard to believe how many cable ties fit into the inner wire of the wing.
But we did it, and on Sunday afternoon we installed our replica of the Wolfmüller wing model on Hellmairplatz as part of a major ballooning campaign. Everybody who wanted was allowed to decorate the balloons with a message or a drawing. Afterwards we let them all rise into the air together. A really fascinating and contentwise well fitting finale for a very beautiful and loving project.

Exhibitions guestbook

Only until Wednesday 4 April 6pm

From Lithuania to Landsberg

Säulenhalle Landsberg am Lech
Wednesday from 11am to 6pm

The opinions in the guestbook are clear:

“The exhibition should be a permanent exhibition.”

“I would like it if the exhibition gets a permanent place in Landsberg”

“A very good and intensive researched exhibition! A work that leaves a lasting impression – Thank you very much!”

“An impressive, very well-crafted exhibition that should remain as a permanent exhibition.”

“To face the louder truths of our history is OUR OBLIGATION!
Many thanks to the supporters and supporters of the Jewish-German Festival Week and the accompanying events – such as this impressive exhibition. “

“LL needed this exhibition for a long time and now LL can not repress anything.”

“Super interesting map with the distribution of Jewish DP camps! Great design with the columns.”

“At a time when more and more people want to put an end to history, the exhibition is an important contribution to dealing with their own history.”

“Many thanks to Mr. Wolfgang Hauck and Mrs. Karla Schönebeck for the very shockingly moving exhibition, the texts, pictures and films. We sincerely hope that all the work and performance can be made into a book publication. “

 Guestbook exhibition 2018