dieKunstBauStelle – the association

Establishment of the association

The associations “dieKunstBauStelle” was founded in Landsberg am Lech in January 2014 initiated by Wolfgang Hauck with artists, actors of the cultural scene, journalists, editors and sociologists, as well as volunteer assistants.


The association has developed from a similar art project by Wolfgang Hauck: “dieKunstBauStelle”. This sociocultural art project was conducted in 2012 in Landsberg am Lech.

The center of the town of Landsberg am Lech was renovated in 2013 by a conversion of the main square into a large construction site. This is an occasion to take possession of this building site and inner city artistically with an exhibition. Twenty young people were working on an exhibition in the public space in an extracurricular project.

A series of 60 large-format prints was created under professional guidance by photographers, artists and writers. The exhibition space was in the middle of the city, accessible to all and at all times, at the most central place, the main square.

The smaller the construction site, the more could the exhibition expand.


  • Wolfgang Hauck
  • Barbara Helleis
  • Susanne Zehentbauer