LandsbergHistoryApp – it starts!

LandsbergHistoryApp – it starts!

The first reports of participation came from experts on early history in the Landsberg district.

Now citizens of Landsberg who would like to contribute to the history of the last decades are getting in touch.

The LandsbergHistoryApp is already creating a very special demand and offer, although the start is planned for December.

Today, 680 high quality slides from 1975 to 1985 of an archive on the history of building have been made available.

The slides provide interesting and impressive insights into the public building measures of Landsberg am Lech.

This material will be scanned and viewed and will provide unknown insights on the theme “Building History and Architecture”.

Backgrounds and to this and other materials will be published after the expert examination.

First of all we say thank you very much!

Wolfgang Hauck

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