Voluntary service and internships

Solidarity Corps of the European Union

The European Solidarity Corps is the European Union’s new initiative that offers young people the opportunity to volunteer or work on projects at home or abroad that benefit communities and people across Europe.

You can register for the European Solidarity Corps and participate in the projects. participation is possible from the age of 18 to 30 years.

After completing a simple registration process, European Solidarity Corps participants could be selected and invited to participate in a variety of projects.

Our organization has a seal of quality from the European Solidarity Corps. The Quality Seal certifies that our organization is able to implement projects in accordance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps.

We participate in“Erasmus+ Youth in Action, Key Action 1 – Individual Learning Mobility“.

  • We offer current for 12 months and 2 months program as volunteer services.
  • Our current program title: “cultur4all”.
  • Our project number: 2019-1-DE04-ESC11-017608
  • Our quality seal: 2018-1-DE04-ESC52-017443 valid until 31.12.2027
  • Our Personal Identification Code (PIC): Image Number: 925972768
  • Scope: internship, job, volunteer work
  • Role: host organization
  • The official information of our organization European Youth Portal
  • Further information: europa.eu/youth-solidarity

Internships, voluntary service and workaway

The work of the association dieKunstBauStelle is supported and enriched by many volunteers or by students and pupils who complete internships with us.

In this way we are always in close contact with many people from all over the world: working, cooking, celebrating, designing and developing ideas and projects. In doing so, we share our diverse experiences, but also cultural differences.

This is sometimes very different and we and our participants in the courses always learn a lot about other cultures, but also always a lot that we have in common.

We publish our offer for international helpers via the internet platform www.workaway.info.




Feedback from our Workaway volunteers.

“I helped the organization dieKunstBauStelle with everything I could. I cooked, helped clean up, supported Wolfgang with his excellent ideas. We traveled to Berlin (where I became an IKEA specialist) and ended up doing the website for Die Stelzer. The work was physical, intellectual, creative and always with good humor and support from Wolfgang’s side.”

Daria, Russia 2018

“”Our stay with Wolfgang could not have been better. This was our first workaway experience. We could feel how it is to live in Germany, he cooked amazing typical dishes and showed us great places in Landsberg. (…) We have a lot of freedom and he is always available to teach us new things and introduce us to his projects. ”

Ita and Julia, Brazil 2018

“.. Wolfgang showed me how to live your life on your own terms and be inspired wherever you go. He, Barbara and the rest of the crew made me feel like family and I was sad to leave after only three and a half weeks. I have a feeling we will see each other again. Thank you so much for everything! You guys baht changed mien life.”

Olivia, New Orleans, USA, 2017

“Anyway, there’s just nothing you can’t do with Wolfgang and the KunstBaustelle. It’s an amazing structure that I discovered and would love to work on again.”

Rachel, Lyon, France, 2017

“It is certainly very inspiring, I will keep an eye out for future projects and make myself available to help in any way I can…”

Christine, Edinburgh, Scotland 2017

“. … do not hesitate to talk to the team about your thoughts, it is quite fun and I appreciate this stay! Many thanks to Wolfgang and all the nice people I met during my stay, and congratulations to all future professionals!”

Clara/Hoi Leng, Hong Kong, China, 2016/2017

“We met some great people, shared a lot of laughter and had an experience we’ll never forget. Thank you Wolfgang and the team!”

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