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A Work With Children

Before opening of exhibition, in our office, we had a lot of
workshop with children. It was twice a week. We provide also pizza, drinks and snacks for children, to make them fully motivated. The aim of the workshop is to collect information about ‘local people about construction of new bridge’ and also collecting students’ own ideas about new bridge. In all workshops, they were happy and I think they are all great team-players.

I could not attend all of the workshops because of my German course or I attend late. Children divided into groups, we prepared microphone and recording devices for them, and they made a lot of interviews about ‘new bridge ideas for Landsberg’ with local people. The other groups stayed in the office and talked each other or played games.

Sometimes the weather was not good, sometimes it was sunny, some of the students were quite shy, some of them were brave to make interview but they are all motivated and happy in all conditions. After they completed all of the interviews, they prepared their own ideas for new bridge. They painted it on a papers that we gave, and took a little notes. The ideas of the children were too creative and some of them were really logical that made me surprised. We collected all of these paintings to prepare them for our exhibition. With all children we took a photo and distributed our exhibition’s poster to the shops in Landsberg. I helped some children to write information of their paintings in German language.

I found that the students are all great team- member and they have logical opinions about everything. Also they are all friendly and funny, sometimes they made us tired but it is normal. I had a good relationship with the students, I tried to speak with them mostly in German but when we stuck, they all have good English knowledge, we spoke in English. It improved me a lot also the pizzas were delicious.

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi

An exhibition is created

Between 20 December 2019 and 7 January 2020, there was an exhibition in Landsberg which is created by dieKunstBauStelle e.V. , named ‘Landsberg Stories’. The idea is Wolfgang Hauck’s and as a volunteers, we helped him for preparation and for other works. We ordered fences and decorate the inside hall like ‘labyrinth’ in order to make the exhibition more attractive.

It was difficult, when we placed the fence to the top of the hall but it worth.  We, ‘the four volunteer’ shared the days and stay in exhibition. I stayed for 4 days and in my days there were less people, because of the holiday and cold weather, so it is sad for me. But altogether more than 400 visitors came to the exhibition.

The exhibition consists lots of interesting and different topics. The most interesting one for me is, interviews with the people, coming from outside of Germany and the difficulties that they have faced during adaptation period.

Also photo of Hitler with his car in Landsberg and the Hitler toy, are interesting for me. Moreover, I observed that people find the exhibition impressive, and I think we combined lots of different topics like construction, history and culture. This means that we did a great job!

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi

Exhibition 17.9. to 7. October 2019


Turborances, Teleporter and Zendusonakan
Mobility in the 21st century

17.9. to 7. October 2019

Aula of the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech
Entrance: corner Holzhauser Straße and Hindenburgring

Parking of the “church to the holy angels”
Parking of teh “Dominikus Zimmermann Gymnasium”

Opening hours:
Monday 23.9., 30.9. and 7.10. each 6 pm – 8 pm.

However, registration is required as the house is normally locked at this time.
Registration: mittelschule@landsberg.deTraffic in 50 years

Free entrance

Fliàng – of flying shoes and teleporters

Fliàng – of flying shoes and teleporters

In our workshop “Fliàng 2019” we develop mobility concepts of the future together with pupils of the Landsberg secondary school. There are no limits to the imagination. Very futuristic, imaginative, creative and adventurous concepts have been successfully developed. We would like to introduce them briefly:

Carina has the idea of a teleporter: “In Landsberg there are several stations for teleporters, one of them is located at the Bayertor. You can go into the teleporter for just one euro, enter your destination address – and you’re there. Who wouldn’t wish for such a thing?

Jenny shows us her ideas of flying shoes and a city bus with a built-in whirlpool that people can use during their bus ride. She is particularly fond of flying shoes: “Just put the shoes on and take off. That would be so great,” she enthuses.

Hamad sees flying wheelchairs, teleporters and robots in the city of the future. “The robots carry the heavy school supplies – satchels, gym bags, etc. – for us students on our way to school,” she explains, imagining it to be quite pleasant. Even when she thinks of all the other things the robots could do… “for example, activities that are actually quite annoying.

For Ivan, the roads of the future are conveyor belts. Cars will no longer have to drive, pedestrians will no longer have to walk, because they will move on conveyor belts. But the disadvantage of this actually practical idea is: there is less nature, fewer trees and parks. Because the conveyor belts simply need space.

In Luca’s vision of the future, roads are no longer used at all. There are underground tunnels that run on electromagnetic trains. You can stop and get off every ten meters – so you can get to any place you want without having to change trains or walk long distances.

Sophia, on the other hand, also sees a piece of the past in the future. There are carriages as a means of transport again. Just like in the past, they are driven by horses. However, there are now – optionally open or closed – bus stops for horses.

Jeremy’s electric bus is a very special bus – a double-decker bus, in the upper part of which you can sleep. The dashboard is fully digitalized, including voice control and fully automatic transmission. “This electric bus is designed to bundle trips and thus reduce individual trips,” he explains. He is already thinking in fairly economical and ecological terms.

Many great ideas, three of which we would like to take a closer look at and make something of in different groups with different design possibilities: Comics with a preceding storyboard, an accident report about an air collision between a (flying) car and an electric scooter and a marketing strategy for the carriage of the future. So we get deeper into the matter. And we are all very curious to see what will come of it.

Text: Andrea Schmelzle
Foto: Wolfgang Hauck


The trailer about the project “Türkenmariandl 2014-2017” is online.


They come from Romania, Afghanistan, Poland, Italy, Latvia and Africa: Fourteen young people from the Mittelschule Landsberg Ost between 14 and 18 years are currently working on migration histories and experiences in the past and their own life situations within the framework of the “Türkenmariandl yesterday” project. Young people, who are not even a year in Germany with their parents, sit at the table when it comes to the special features of German everyday life.

The extracurricular project is part of the cultural education work of the Landsberger Kulturverein «dieKunstBauStelle e.V.».
The implementation is carried out together with the partners, the Mittelschule Landsberg and the Landsberg Tagblatt.


dieKunstBauStelle e .v.
Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech
Landsberger Tagblatt, Redaktion


The project “Tamam” is supported by the “MeinLand program – a time for the future” of the Turkish community in Germany within the framework of the Federal Culture program. Alliances for the formation of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Credits to:
Sabine März-Lerch, Speaker and the “Bayerischen Rundfunk”.

Rachel Drissi for edditing and video.


Five-year alliance (2013 – 2017)
best-practice in MeinLand – time for the future

On 8th September, the closing event of the MeinLand program – Time for the Future took place in the Workshop of Cultures in Berlin. A day off and an evening gala were on the agenda. A total of 150 young and adult participants from 11 different countries were present.

The highlight of the event was to award prizes to 75 representatives of 14 alliances. They were honored for their outstanding works.

Five jury members handed out prizes in the categories “participation”, “public effectiveness” and “vision” after a short eulogy.

The project and alliance “Turkenmariandl” of the KunstKunstBauStelle association was awarded as one of 125 projects with a prize in the category “Public Effectiveness”.

In addition to the association, the KunstBauStelle, the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech and the Landsberger Tagblatt are involved in the project.

eight contributors – representatives, volunteers and youths – were invited to the award ceremony in Berlin:

Pictures in the media library


Many Thanks! A donation of the Rotary Club Ammersee-Römerstraße

The Rotary Club Ammersee-Römerstraße supports the cultural education programs of the Landsberger Kulturverein «dieKunstBauStelle e.V.» with investments in media technology.

A new camera with accessories and sound technology for photo and film worth 2,000 euros could be purchased. The handover takes place during a workshop in Landsberg am Lech.

“We are very impressed by the association “dieKunstBauStelle e.V.” and is convinced by its work, quality and the sense behind the whole,” says President Nicole Truckenbrodt. “We always see that we are acting locally and globally with our measures,” continued Truckenbrodt. “Germans, together with refugees across the world, are creating something new, which we all do not know yet what it will become – and that is great. The project really opens up prospects for both sides and arouses hope for all of us. “

Wolfgang Hauck, board member of the association is very pleased with the donation: «Investments are not possible in our funding programs. With the donation of the Rotary Club Ammersee-Römerstraße, we are now able to use media technology for three teams. »

The participants are also looking forward to the current projects. Two media projects are currently running, in which the new equipment is being used intensively. The media workshop «TAMAM» is conducted as mentors with around 20 refugees between the ages of 18 and 26, with the support of IKG students. A further project with young people from the Mittelschule continues the workshop series “Türkenmariandl”. The focus is on video and film – from the creation of a storyboard to the realization of videos.

Photo by Conny Kurz
v.l.n.r. Backwards: Nicole Truckenbrodt, Sumia, Natali, Max, Abdulah, Adnan, Mohamed, Aweit, Andrea Schmlezle
In front: Javad, Berke, Simon, Wolfgang Hauck, Abas