Yearbook dieKunstBauStelle Projects und Programs 2014-2018

A retrospective, but also an outlook on the ongoing projects and programs, is the «Jahrbuch die KunstBauStelle Projekte und Programm 2014-2018».

An overview of 17 measures of the Kulturverein das KunstBauStelle is published.

The projects are presented in a short description.


«We have bundled the experience of many years and many poeple to realize innovative cultural projects.»
Wolfgang Hauck

This is a special achievement for the short time of the existence of the cultural association, especially since some projects have a special model character or are internationally settled.

The association “dieKunstBauStelle” was founded in 2014 and has been able to initiate or initiate more than 17 projects or programs over the last three years.

Various topics from the arts and cultural sector were implemented.

This overview presents the activities with the basic data.
Almost every project is presented with its own website or in exhibitions or video documentation.
The yearbook is available as a PDF document and will be published as a printed version in July 2017.

Yearbook dieKunstBauStelle Projects and Programs 2014-2018

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