Any natural or legal person can become a member of the Association upon request.
The membership fee is € 24 per year.
If you are interested in a membership please send us an e-mail.

Extract from the bylaw
§ 3 Purpose of the association

1. The purpose of the Association is to promote art and culture.
2. The purpose is, in particular, the promotion of cultural mediation, cultural education and cultural youth work, the promotion of the exchange of experiences in the artistic, organizational and economic field of art as well as the promotion, presentation and public relations work of art and culture workers.
3. The association maintains parteipolitic neutrality. It grants equal rights to members of all peoples and races and represents the principle of religious and ideological tolerance.

§ 4 Realization of the association purpose

1. The purpose of the Statute is realized through the initiation, organization, promotion and implementation of projects in the field of culture, cultural education and art as well as through the formation of alliances and cooperation for cultural and artistic projects.
2. The promotion of projects can be achieved by means of the appropriate transfer of funding and also by the fact that the association directly assumes and bears the costs for cultural measures.
3. The purpose of the Statute is realized by collecting donations for the implementation of cultural and artistic projects.

§ 5 Selfless and charitable activities

1. By virtue of §4 of the Articles of Incorporation, the association pursues the promotion of art and culture exclusively and directly in the sense of the charitable purposes of the “Tax-Beneficial Purpose” section of the Tax Rules.

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