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For the first time in 2022, development processes to stabilize sociocultural work will be supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) through the Socioculture Fund.

For this purpose, 653 projects were selected to receive extensive funding until the end of 2022. With a volume of 16.9 million euros under the special NEUSTART KULTUR program, the funding will go to independent sponsors of socioculture, cultural education, media education, and cultural work throughout Germany. This is the latest news from the Fund’s press release.


The great response to the special program PROFILE:SOCIOCULTURE has clearly shown the enormous need for further development of the work.

The new project SOZIOKULTUR:KULTAINER of the association dieKunstBauStelle is also supported with funds from this funding program PROFILE:SOCIOCULTURE.

Wolfgang Hauck sees in the times of the Corona pandemic an effective and efficient possibility, in order to develop with decentralized and local offers in various formats for the cultural life.

Bild Kultainer in Schondorf

The Kultainers in Schondorf 2021


The team of dieKunstBauStelle wants to develop for this the socio-cultural activities in the rural area further. For this purpose, the KULTAINER or the open-air cinema system, which were already in use in 2021, are to be used.

For the implementation, a separate organization team is to be set up and develop and accompany cultural offers in the respective communities.

We say thank you very much for the trust and support!


On the website of the Fonds Soziokultur you can see all funded projects and initiatives:

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The HistoryApp arrives in Kaufering

The HistoryApp arrives in Kaufering

Invitation to the kick-off workshop on Friday, 22.1.2022 at 16:00 in Kaufering

Kaufering: Cultural opportunities are severely limited at the moment due to Corona and only a few projects can still be realized: This includes the development of contributions for the LandsbergHistoryApp in the municipality of Kaufering.

The head of this project Wolfgang Hauck and his association dieKunstBauStelle e.V. are now including Kaufering in the HistoryApp, after Geltendorf, Diessen, Schondorf, Fuchstal and Greifenberg have already prepared texts and images for it.

In the first meeting with mayor Thomas Salzberger on coming Friday at 16:00 o’clock in the meeting room in the fire station in Kaufering, the topics for KauferingHistoryApp are compiled interactively together.

Interested parties can still register by phone: 08191 664111.

Participation is only possible with a current, negative rapid test (1-G rule).

Further information under:
An article on the project at:

Jan. 19, 2022 Aloys.News LandsbergHistoryApp – history can be experienced digitally.

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Surprises at the “Table of Generations”

Surprises at the “Table of Generations”

Augsburg/ Landsberg/ Schondorf: intergenerational exchange about starting school brings many surprises

“On my first day of school, as a non-Catholic, I was placed in a class with the children of all the forced laborers and refugees. My teacher came directly from the Berghof, where she had been the private teacher of Goebbels’ children. However, many more of our children went to the Gymnasium than from the parallel Catholic class,” recalled one of the participants of the Table of Generations about his first day at school in 1955 at the time of the confessional classes.

One enrolled in 1961 told of his huge school bag and the punishment of kneeling on the podium. “Since I was also an altar boy and thus had to kneel all the time, my knees are ruined today and I get 300 euros a month in pain compensation from the church because of it.” A lady born in 1941 could not remember her first day at school at all, because it had no particular relevance in Berlin, which was buried under ruins. But she had fond memories of the recreational clubs set up by the Americans for German children, where she had been taught a lot.

To the event initiated by Wolfgang Hauck of the Landsberg association dieKunstBauStelle on the past weekend altogether 14 participants of 16-80 years had come together to the casual exchange. Participants from Landsberg and Schondorf were connected to this hybrid format via zoom. Because of distance regulations, the meeting had been shifted at short notice instead of in Schondorf and/or Landsberg into the Bahnpark Augsburg.

Tisch der Generationen

Table of the generations, photo Conny Kurz

The starting points were questions about the first day at school or the procedure for choosing a career, but also the “greatest gift” or “the most important thing in my current life”. It turned out that even representatives of the same generation had experienced the same event very differently and the exchange about it broadened their horizons.

The younger ones could hardly stop marveling at the stories: the train driver, who was envied by those present for his profession, had only come to this job purely by chance: “When I came back from the school leaving certificate ceremony, there was a poster saying that train drivers were wanted. That’s when I applied and enjoyed doing it for the rest of my life.”

No internship, no consultations, and no long planning:  This, 30, who is in the process of starting a family, comments, visibly flabbergasted, “I’ve only just made my career decision now and don’t know how long I’ll be doing it.”

2021 Foto Conny Kurz - Tisch der Generationen

“A very enriching and storytelling exchange” comments project manager Wolfgang Hauck. He plans to offer this hybrid format more often in Corona times. “Especially for senior facilities, this kind of social exchange is ideal at the moment.” The project was funded by the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (DSEE). In terms of technology, the association was able to draw on new tablets, cameras, and equipment, which were also funded by DSEE.

Now, despite the restrictions imposed by Corona, the thread of conversation between the generations is not only to be taken up but intensified. The need in schools but also in senior citizens’ organizations are particularly great, but also the inhibition threshold for establishing contact. Therefore already discussions with the high schools in Landsberg and senior organizations were led, around the next continuation in Landsberg and Schondorf are in planning.

Interested institutions and individuals can contact:

Foto Conny Kurz

Documentary discussion on the culture of remembrance in Landsberg am Lech

On Saturday 14 August 2021, members of “Omas gegen rechts München” came to Landsberg am Lech for a stocktaking and protest action.

The occasion of the protest action was the naming of a new building as “Karl Schrem Bau”, director of the former plow factory (armament factory in the II. WK) and member of the NSDAP since 1937.

The public justification strategies, trivialization or toleration, by the city, press, letters to the editor and social media, have led to great concern outside of Landsberg. For the situation and a first information about the state of the culture of remembrance in Landsberg, a discussion about the culture of remembrance took place in addition to the tour of the former concentration camp subcamp VII.

This discussion is reproduced here as a documentary. Transcription of the discussion contributions is in preparation.


  • Gabriele Triebel, MdL, Die Grünen
  • Dr. Edith Raim, historian, University of Augsburg, publications on Landsberg’s Nazi history
  • Manfred Deiler, European Holocaust Memorial Foundation
  • Wolfgang Hauck, artist, socio-cultural projects of remembrance culture



Summer program in Dießen – register now!

Sommerprogramm in Dießen – jetzt anmelden!

From August 26 to September 10, three workshops will take place in Dießen..



  • From 26 August to 10 September 2021
  • In Dießen, Jahnstraße, at the parking lot near the KULTAINERN and skater place.
  • For everyone between 12 and 18 years.
  • Participation is free of charge.




  • Bundesverband Soziokultur e.V.: Jugend ins Zentrum
  • Verband Freie Darstellende Künste e.V.: Tanz und Theater machen stark
  • Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland: Mein Land Zeit für Zukunft

dieKunstBauStelle, Gemeinde und Juz Dießen, Die Stelzer – Theater auf Stelzen



We are looking for staff for our various cultural and art projects, for organisation, production and editing. Depending on the prerequisites, interests and skills as independent leader or as assistant.

Depending on the area, this involves the production of content (photos, texts, articles), the organisation of events or assistance with productions (theatre, exhibitions, audiovisual works).
– Producing editorial contributions, texts for websites and articles
– Independently organise projects, events and workshops
– Coordinate communication for international projects (English) by e-mail and on the phone
– Conduct and prepare online meetings
– Documenting and taking minutes for projects
– Editing
– research
– If interested and trained, academic supervision of areas of history, media

You don’t have to do everything, but you do have to be able to do some things, because our work requires a flexible approach to many topics and tasks.

Important are routine with office programs (Word, Excel), wonderful would be knowledge with WordPress and internet, perfect would be knowledge with graphic programs like Photoshop, InDesign and experience with teamworking software. Also experience as an editor, graphic designer, media designer will find creative tasks with us.

Places of work are in Landsberg and in communities of the district Landsberg am Lech and Augsburg.

This position is suitable for anyone who is enthusiastic about our projects and wants to work independently and creatively.
You can start immediately!

All work is on a fee basis and will be invoiced.
The amount of work varies from 10 to 30 hours per week, depending on the activity. Sometimes more, sometimes less. You should be flexible.


Then please have a look at our website to see what we do!


We are looking forward to your applications!



SCHWERPUNKT: Darstellende Kunst, Theater
WORKSHOP: 15. August bis 13. September 2021

Es geht wieder los mit Stelzen!
15 Tage lang werden wir in Dießen am Ammersee einen Workshop für und mit Stelzen anbieten.


Der Titel lautet UFERLOS.
Dazu gehört dann auch ein Umzug in Dießen in der Seeanlage und später, am 18.9., auch in München


5 Tage Schnupperkurse, auch für NeueinsteigerInnen: Vermutlich 26. bis 31. August

10 Tage Intensivkurse zur Vorbereitung Aufführung und Umzug: Vermutlich 1. bis 10, September!


Bitte trag Dich ein, damit wir die Termine planen können.

Die Teilnahme ist kostenfrei!

  • dieKunstBauStelle e. V.
  • Die Stelzer – Theater auf Stelzen
  • Gemeinde Dießen a.A., Jugendtreff / Juz Dießen



„Das Projekt UFERLOS wird unterstützt durch das Programm “tanz + theater machen stark” des Bundesverbands Freie Darstellende Künste e.V. im Rahmen des Bundesprogramms Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung des Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung.

Rum stierln – the media project starts in Dießen!


Rum stierln – the media project starts in Dießen!
Register now and join in!

In this project we work like reporters and detectives. We poke around and want to find out more about the history of Dießen, the Ammersee, the people, the houses, the fishermen and everyone else who is just standing around somewhere.

In our courses you will learn how to ask the right questions, make, cut and edit recordings. We also show you how to post your stories and put them online.

Radio and music production professionals will show you cool tips and tricks to get the sound right.

14 young people aged 12 to 18

No previous knowledge. Just a desire to try things out.

Participation is free of charge.

July and August 2021

Between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. each day and by arrangement.

The courses take place at the Kultainer in Dießen. The Kultainers are located at the MTV car park opposite the skate park in Jahnstraße, Dießen.


dieKunstBauStelle e.V., Landsberg am Lech,

Kultur macht stark – Bündnisse für Bildung |Federal Ministry of Education My Country – Time for the Future | Turkish Community in Germany
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Ein ungewöhnliches Projekt soll frischen Wind in die Kulturszene der Ammersee-Region bringen
Von Laura Höring, Dießen
Auf einem eigentlich unscheinbaren Parkplatz am Ammersee-Südufer startet dieser Tage ein ungewöhnliches Kulturprojekt: Vier Container in L-Form bilden zusammen mit dem Seeufer einen idyllischen Ort mit gut 150 Quadratmeter Innenraum, der sonst von parkenden Autos belegt ist.
Ausgestattet als mobiles Produktionsstudio für Video, Ton und Redaktion dienen sie als nun Anlaufstelle für kreative Aktivitäten aller Altersgruppen.
Die Initiative des Landsberger Kulturvereins “dieKunstBauStelle” und des Kultur-Referats der Marktgemeinde will so frischen Wind in die Dießener Kulturszene bringen.

Opening and kick-off for the Kultainer in Dießen

“Urban Gartln”, “Rum Stierln” and other projects enrich the “Diaßner Kultua”.

Landsberg/Dießen: The Kultainers have arrived in Dießen and anyone who thinks it is a continuation of what was initiated with the Kultainer in Geltendorf is mistaken. Workshops for theatre, editorial work, cinema, lectures and handicrafts form a diverse framework for a summer programme around the Kultainers.

The aim of the Kultainer became clear in the welcoming speech by Mayor Sandra Perzul.

For the kick-off, cultural officer Michael Lutzeier gave a lecture on “the Diaßner Kultua”. In his historical excursion, the pointedly Bavarian lecture on the concept of culture began with the “G’scheithaferl aus Königsberg” and its distinction between culture and civilisation, before moving on to Schopenhauer and Ernst Cassirer and landing back in the midst of Diessner life: With “de Klosterleut”, the fishermen, the painters, writers and musicians, the “Zuagroasten” and tourists.

This unique, historically developed mixture shapes and nourishes Dießen’s culture, says Lutzeier. This togetherness and the careful and friendly interaction are the beginning of culture. Lutzeier’s idea of cultural paths has now been implemented in the HistoryApp.

Watch the video: