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LandsbergHistoryApp – it starts!

LandsbergHistoryApp – it starts!

The first reports of participation came from experts on early history in the Landsberg district.

Now citizens of Landsberg who would like to contribute to the history of the last decades are getting in touch.

The LandsbergHistoryApp is already creating a very special demand and offer, although the start is planned for December.

Today, 680 high quality slides from 1975 to 1985 of an archive on the history of building have been made available.

The slides provide interesting and impressive insights into the public building measures of Landsberg am Lech.

This material will be scanned and viewed and will provide unknown insights on the theme “Building History and Architecture”.

Backgrounds and to this and other materials will be published after the expert examination.

First of all we say thank you very much!

Wolfgang Hauck

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The exhibition 2020-1945 on the culture of remembrance is extended and expanded


*** The exhibition has been expanded and extended until 31.12.2020 ***

The exhibition shows the invisible and yet present.
75 years after the end of the Second World War.


The exhibition has been extended and now also shows the 360° documentation of the exhibition “From Lithuania to Landsberg”.
This exhibition by Karla Schönebeck (idea, concept and text) and Wolfgang Hauck (design and realisation) was shown at the “Wolf Durmashkin Composition Award” 2018 in Landsberg and afterwards at Boston College in Boston (USA).

“The exhibition ‘From Lithuania to Landsberg’ is a search for traces, in the course of which the paths of victims and perpetrators cross several times and, last but not least, come full circle at the Lech River.” Karla Schönebeck


For some, a long time ago, for others just over and still much too close.
How does a city and its society deal with the culture of memory?
What is visible, what is not?
What is done, what is omitted?
What is conscious, what unconscious?
What is there without being visible?

The digital exhibition rooms open up online, 3D animations invite discovery through VR glasses.
In this way, a digital exhibition that is not really there can still be experienced.
Can this virtual reality be an image of our collective memory?
Step into a room that is only apparently empty and decide for yourself!
The exhibition is free of charge.


The video of the opening, a catalogue, press releases and further information can be found on the website:


Hans Heinrich Martin Foundation, theKunstBauStelle e. V.


Virtual experience spaces by Wolfgang Hauck


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Future Flashback – first German-Turkish zoom meeting

Future Flashback – first German-Turkish zoom meeting

On October 6, pupils from Landsberg and Istanbul met for the first time in virtual space via Zoom.

The Turkish pupils impressed with their German language skills and gave a small insight into the everyday life of the IELEV school in Turkey.

On the German side, young people presented their school and reported on the current teaching situation caused by the corona pandemic at the secondary school in Landsberg am Lech.

The pupils’ meeting was led by Wolfgang Hauck (project manager) and Gonzalo Orce (media designer) in Landsberg and Stephan Reischl, project coordinator in Turkey, and the German teacher Pelin Demirci in Istanbul.

What unites both sides – the journey from the future to the present “Future Flashback”. It is precisely this joint project that is now to serve as a connecting bridge and encourage young people to develop their ideas across borders.

In the course of the first meeting, the individual students were able to share their own ideas that had already been developed and commonalities of the respective ideas about the future were quickly identified.

We can be curious to see what the pupils of the German-Turkish cooperation will continue to tell us about our possible future!



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Future Flashback extended

Project Future Flashback – a time travel into the present is  extended until November 13

There is also the possibility to get a new view of the present through the exhibition Future Flashback.  The exhibition in analog and digital formats is accessible around the clock and decentralized.  So take your smartphones with you, there’s something to see and hear!

A part of the exhibition can also be experienced online:

Whatever way you want to discover the view from the future to our present, we look forward to your coming and your visit!

With best regards

Wolfgang Hauck
dieKunstBauStelle e. V.


Meet and Code – Future Flashback


Meet and Code – Future Flashback


FOCUS: Media workshop to get to know design with programming
PLACE: Landsberg am Lech / Online
SCOPE: 2 days 90 minutes each
PARTICIPANTS: Pupils of the secondary school Landsberg am Lech
AGE GROUP: 13 – 16
PARTICIPATION: The participation is free of charge
ACTIVITY: Cultural Youth Education / Programming and Software
COOPERATION PARTNER: Landsberg am Lech Secondary School


At this live event, ten young people from Landsberg Secondary School, aged between 12 and 16 years, will meet in a digital meeting.

Accompanied by experienced media designers as speakers, they will exchange experiences and ideas, and playfully explore their perspectives and common interests in programming.

From this online dialogue at the first meeting, teams and partnerships will be formed, each of which will solve a task and try out to what extent programming as dialogue can be used to identify and solve problems.

The two days are planned as an experiment, in which possibilities of coding are presented, tried and tested.

One task will be to help design an interactive and digital showroom, for example, and to learn how to create the user interface.

07.10.2020 from 16:00 – 17:30
08.10.2020 from 16:00 – 17:30

A list for the participants is available in the school secretary’s office.





Is performed.

Future Fashion 222.0

Future Fashion 222.0

A trip to the exhibition in Munich:

Thierry Mugler
Hypokunsthalle Munich

“The exhibition Thierry Mugler: Couturissime presents around 150 haute couture and prêt-à-porter outfits by the visionary couturier, director, photographer, perfumer and dancer, most of which have never been exhibited before, as well as accessories, stage costumes, videos, almost unknown design drawings and archive materials. Numerous works by famous fashion photographers round off the show”.

With a group of our workshop participants we were able to visit a special exhibition.

“Cool” – the commentary by Maja. There is nothing to add to it.

TREE STORIES – Start of the media project


Media project during the summer holidays 2020

Register now!

The association dieKunstBauStelle offers a holiday project for young people in Landsberg.

Together with the secondary school Landsberg a new holiday project for young people is starting.

A media project to tell the history and stories of Landsberg.

Within the framework of the project series “Türkenmariandl” the socio-cultural association dieKunstBauStelle offers a new open holiday project for Landsberg children and young people.

“We would like to set out with young people to continue a work that began back in 1998 – when pupils at Landsberg secondary school mapped the trees along the eastern city wall,” says Wolfgang Hauck, project initiator and chairman of the association.

The young people can be creative and give free rein to their imagination. For example, researching legends and sagas around the trees.

Each tree should tell its own story – which is recorded in sound recordings and videos. They can also be curious to hear what the sound of a tree bark sounds like. Sound collages will be recorded for this purpose. “A nature installation that we would like to enrich with comments, videos and other ideas,” says Wolfgang Hauck.

The result will be a virtual reality presentation that will invite visitors to experience and take a new form of walking.

In this way, this little-noticed “botanical garden of Landsberg” on the city wall will be revived and discovered. Directly on site or online with VR presentations.

The project, which is being carried out in cooperation with the Landsberg secondary school, is freely accessible and designed as a holiday project for Landsberg’s young people. The participation is free of charge.

A first meeting will take place on Monday, August 3, at 14:00 at the Bayertor.


Who is interested: Just send an e-mail to


The project is supported by the program “Kultur macht stark” of the Federal Ministry and “Mein Land, Zeit für Zukunft” of the Turkish community in Germany.

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A new view of the present

A new view of the present

Project Future Flashback – a journey into the present

“And how do you see the present now?”

With our brand new project “Future Flashback” we have started a time travel into the present: From the future, from the year 2220, we travel back into the past, into the year 2020. In other words, into the present. We explore objects, everyday situations and explore life in the year 2020, which is sometimes funny and mysterious. In the year 2220, for example, people have long since been wearing implanted chips that take over all the functions that we now have to perform with our mobile phones.

Some of us think that’s really great. But others are also critical of the whole thing. And ask themselves: How much technology is actually good for me? Isn’t that something you lose as a result? Be that as it may: The project has made a difference to all of us. Namely, it made us think. And that we see the world differently somehow.

Some see the future in a rosy light, because everything is much more practical. Like Nicole. She sees the world a bit differently now, for example the thing with the implanted chips: “It would be cool if it worked like this – for example, when it comes to money: You wouldn’t lose your money so quickly if the payment was processed via the chip,” she says. Phillip also says: “After spending a month thinking about the future and inventing things yourself, you realize that some technical achievements – like a hoverbike, for example – would be more enjoyable. If I had that now, a lot of things would be easier.”

Others have a more neutral point of view. But they too now see the world from a completely different perspective. “I see the world with completely different eyes now”, says Maya. “For example, when I walk around and look at an object, I think: Nowadays this object has a certain meaning. What if in the future it has a completely different meaning?”

And still others doubt this world from the future. “I find the world better the way it is now,” Lisa says. “When everything is so perfect, it’s kind of boring, too. You have nothing to work on anymore, because everything is just there.” And her friend Paula joins her: “A perfect world is no longer great.” And yet she thinks it’s better in the year we’re in now.

Photo: Wolfgang Hauck
Photo editing: Gonzalo Orce

uncertain future of youth projects with the theatre on stilts

Uncertain future of youth projects with the stilts


Corona times are difficult times!
The Kreisbote reports on the situation of the theatre, the Stelzer and the future of the youth projects.

20.05.2020 Kreisbote-Landsberg: Die Stelzer Artikel


With ERASMUS+ project to Granada

¡Vamos a Granada!

Granada is another goal of the international projects of the association dieKunstBaustelle.

This time the journey goes in the year 2020/2021 in the capital of the province Granda in Andalusia.

To this end, the Landsberg-based cultural association dieKunstBauStelle is cooperating with the organisation Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad in Granada.
The workshops, training courses and job shadowing will take place there.
16 participants from Europe will be invited to participate in order to further qualify themselves professionally.

The title of the project:
Art and Performance as Methods of Social Intervention and Awareness Raising

The date of implementation is still flexible and will be able to adapt to the travel possibilities.
On 18.5.2020 the funding of the project was approved by the European Union and can now start. It is one of the “K104 projects” of the ERASMUS+ program, an internal name for projects that serve the professional qualification of adult education staff in Europe.

The project includes further training courses, hospitations and will take place with 16 participants.
It also includes the use of the platform EPALE (E-Platform for Adult Education in Europe) and the Erasmus+ project results platform.

The programme comprises the following sections:

Training Course 2: GENDERSENSIVE INTERCULTURAL WORK (3rd quarter 2021)

Teaching Assignment 1: SOCIAL INTERVENTION WITH STELZEN (1st quarter 2021)
Teaching Assignment 2: STELZENBAU UND KOSTÜMDESIGN (2nd quarter 2021)
Teaching Assignment 3: STAGE DESIGN (4th quarter 2021)

Job Shadowing 1 (May 2021)
Job Shadowing 2 (November 2021) Participation in the “Marcha contra la violencia de género”

The application procedure for participation is currently being prepared.

Fundación Escuela de Solidaridad