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Work titel: LandsbergHistoryApp


DURATION: 2021-2022
PRIORITY: digital format, location-based web application, social storytelling, digital museum
Location: District Landsberg am Lech


Innovative, integrative, interactive: the cultural association “dieKunstBauStelle” is planning a new media and history project. A digital and location-based smartphone app for multimedia access to regional history. A platform on which historians, artists, authors, and journalists, together with young people, contemporary witnesses, and municipal partners, create access to the history of Landsberg and the district. An opportunity for digital participation in our cultural and historical heritage. The best thing about it is: Everything is free of charge and accessible to users at all times. This starts under the name “LandsbergHistoryApp”.

Over the next two years (2020-2022), the pilot project is to be realized thematically and conceptually in cooperation with the berlinHistory e.V. association, idea provider, and software developer. For this purpose, an interdisciplinary editorial group will be formed as a team through training and workshops. Existing exhibitions will be revised together and new media content produced. This includes audio tours, 360° tours, or virtual reality rooms. Likewise, the online offers of the region can be bundled in a central location under artistic, historical, and media aspects and benefit directly from the function of the navigation app.

History workshop with model character

All sections of the population can benefit from the project, but above all the visitors to the city and the citizens of Landsberg. It is also intended to create an additional offer for extracurricular youth education projects, said Hauck. In consultation with the teachers, teaching content could be taken up in a targeted manner, resulting in valuable synergy effects. Training courses should encourage and enable interested citizens to contribute content and contributions in the form of a “participatory history workshop”.

The “app project” has a model character. More than 50 high-ranking partners, memorials, museums, and archives, the BerlinHistoryApp, are already part of the App. Over eight years of development work, much of it voluntary. This sustainability pays off. The App is now “the” App for Berlin. This open format will now be used in its full range for the first time. The range of topics will therefore be unique in Germany.

A “Who is Who” of Landsberg’s history in „Who is Who“

“In the first phase until spring 2020, more than 400 biographical text and image entries will already be incorporated into the app,” says Hauck. This will create a “Who’s Who” of history in the Landsberg district. This includes people from the last centuries with their local references, as well as places of early history such as the settlement of Pestenacker. There is already great interest in including architectural and natural monuments. The history of raftsmen or the salt trade is the subject of the exhibition. Thus a medieval town is portrayed in a contemporary way. The first landmarks could already be discovered: the old Landsberg fountains or the panther in the Inselbad can be found as examples with pins in the app.

But it is not only about up to 1,000 years of history. Later on, there will also be a panel of experts to combine the incorporation of more recent history with existing information offerings from the city of Landsberg and initiatives. Landsberg is predestined for the project as a historical learning location, according to the Berlin historian and cultural manager Martin Recken, who has been developing the Berlin History project for eight years – and only recently received a prize for the best museum app with his team. “Landsberg could become one of our most interesting partners. The history of this small town is so incredibly exciting. I see many synergies and a great potential for our cooperation”.

Try it out!

The BerlinHistoryApp (the role model) can be installed and tested free of charge on Android and iOS smartphones. On the interactive map you can navigate your way around Landsberg and make your first explorations with this demo version of Landsberg:

Website and Download: BerlinHistory.App

An award-winning platform: berlinHistory App

The berlinHistory App is a digital museum on Berlin history, which is constantly being expanded by the non-profit association of the same name in cooperation with Berlin cultural institutions and initiatives and archives. All content is presented in a location-based way in the city and is created for permanent use. The berlinHistory App provides a wide range of information about the city’s history on current and historical maps and aerial photographs with texts, photos, films, interviews with contemporary witnesses and tours. The core team consists of historians and software developers, who continuously develop new technical features and at the same time guarantee sustainable operation (updates, server infrastructure, support etc.).

The berlinHistory.App is now the most used and best rated of its kind in the app stores and has been on the net since 21 February 2019. Since then, it has been growing daily through its own productions as well as subcontracting and its own theme layers from its more than 80 cooperation partners (museums, memorials, archives, and history initiatives).

The berlinHistory App is free of charge, free of advertising, and occupies only a minimal amount of memory (approx. 40 MB), as all content is streamed. With the innovative camera tool and the associated school project berlinHistory takes the first step towards a participatory platform for urban history.

The project “Berlin 1945” was nominated as a finalist for the German Children’s Software Award TOMMI. Now this production of the (with the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin and the German-Russian Museum of Urban History) has won. Museum Berlin-Karlshorst) won the “DigAMus 2020” on 22 October 2020, the first-ever digitalisation prize of German museums in the category “best apps”. Participating in the competition were 129 museums with the big players in the industry, against which the small non-profit association berlinHistory e.V. from Berlin prevailed with its broad-based and constantly growing platform for the sustainable presentation of historical content from museums, memorials, archives, and history initiatives.

The basis for the award ceremony was the nomination by an expert jury and a national public vote with over 8,000 votes. The award ceremony took place on 22.10.2020 in a digital room of the Deutsches Museum Munich in a ceremony with avatars of the participants.

The prize is awarded to museum projects that are best practice examples on the way to digitization.


Wolfgang Hauck

  • Fonds Soziokultur
  • Bavarian State Ministry for Science and the Arts /
    Bavarian Cultural Fund
    Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst
  • District Uper Bavaria 
  • District Landsberg Lech
  • Community of Dießen am Ammersee
  • Community of Fuchstal
  • Community of Geltendorf
  • Community of Kaufering
  • Community of Schondorf am Ammersee
  • Community of Scheuring
  • Community of Egglin a.d. Paar
  • Community of Prittriching
  • Community of Windach
  • Community of Greifenberg
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28.04.2023: BR1 Rundfunk: BayernHistoryApp” startet im Landkreis Landsberg
04.05.2023: BR Fersehen, Abendschau: Digitaler Reiseführer für die Heimat

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