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Report from Alessandra

my name is Alessandra and I come from Venice, Italy.
Since a few years my partner and I decided to change our lifestyle and leave the door open for new experiences and possibilities by following the path of instinct and curiosity.
When I read the profile of the association on the website, I had no doubts: I wanted to come to Landsberg and be part of this group that does super interesting activities! And I was not disappointed. The association is called “dieKunstBauStelle” and is managed by Wolfgang Hauck, an inviting, versatile and socially committed person, full of interests and ideas, who not only thinks them, but also implements them.
When I arrived in November 2019, Wolfgang and the two other volunteers, Ata (Istanbul) and Gonzalo (Argentina), were involved in the “Bridge Project”, an educational project with schools that aimed to encourage critical thinking in children and at the same time teach them new skills. All this was done using fun methods and at the level of their abilities. The bridge project was chosen because the city of Landsberg approved the construction of a new bridge over the Lech River not out of necessity, but to promote the economy of the new shopping centre that would be located directly in front of the bridge.
It was very nice and fun to work with these children, who tried to meet us and talk to us in English as much as possible. We brainstormed and drew interventions in the classroom to free the children’s minds from any preconceptions, but then the work materialized with the help of experts in the real economic and constructional possibility of a bridge, also defining the criteria for choosing the best position for this bridge, such as common use, feasibility and environmental sustainability.
But, a not insignificant detail, the projects also involved the local community, and in this particular case the young people, like small radio journalists, also worked between the square and the streets of Landsberg, interviewing the available people with some, sometimes provocative, questions related to the bridge: Do you think Landsberg needs a new bridge? Do you know how much it will cost? Do you agree with the choice of location? Would you be willing to pay a toll to cross the river?
The young people were equipped with proper equipment and prepared for interviews by Susanne, an experienced radio journalist. I think that the combination of all these elements can offer adolescents different perspectives for reading a topic and the opportunity to understand how important it is to deal with different people. As I come from humanistic and pedagogical studies, I greatly appreciated the way in which social skills such as dialogue, comparison, research and exchange can be promoted.
Just before Christmas, we set up an exhibition, open to the public free of charge, with all the projects that the association has carried out in recent years. It was fun to set up an exhibition for a few days! We designed a tour, put up the posters, photos, descriptions, lights, videos and speakers to listen to the interviews. I learned how to use a few tricks to transform an empty room into an attractive and interesting place for art. In the end it was very exciting to see the result and that she was praised by everyone.
Besides these educational projects, I helped the association with actions related to social media, especially with the selection of photos used in the diagrams. I was happy to do this, because during the selection work I was able to see the different performances that the theatre has made with adults and children. I saw the construction of the stilts, the creation of the clothes, the tests in the gym, the preparation before the performance, the theatre workshops with the refugees. I was so impressed by this work that after this first experience in the office I already booked the next session with the theatre training!
Thank you for everything Wolfgang, for your availability, your dinners with friends, sharing recipes, sharing teams, your trust and energy.
See you soon!
January 2020

A Work With Children

Before opening of exhibition, in our office, we had a lot of
workshop with children. It was twice a week. We provide also pizza, drinks and snacks for children, to make them fully motivated. The aim of the workshop is to collect information about ‘local people about construction of new bridge’ and also collecting students’ own ideas about new bridge. In all workshops, they were happy and I think they are all great team-players.

I could not attend all of the workshops because of my German course or I attend late. Children divided into groups, we prepared microphone and recording devices for them, and they made a lot of interviews about ‘new bridge ideas for Landsberg’ with local people. The other groups stayed in the office and talked each other or played games.

Sometimes the weather was not good, sometimes it was sunny, some of the students were quite shy, some of them were brave to make interview but they are all motivated and happy in all conditions. After they completed all of the interviews, they prepared their own ideas for new bridge. They painted it on a papers that we gave, and took a little notes. The ideas of the children were too creative and some of them were really logical that made me surprised. We collected all of these paintings to prepare them for our exhibition. With all children we took a photo and distributed our exhibition’s poster to the shops in Landsberg. I helped some children to write information of their paintings in German language.

I found that the students are all great team- member and they have logical opinions about everything. Also they are all friendly and funny, sometimes they made us tired but it is normal. I had a good relationship with the students, I tried to speak with them mostly in German but when we stuck, they all have good English knowledge, we spoke in English. It improved me a lot also the pizzas were delicious.

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi

An exhibition is created

Between 20 December 2019 and 7 January 2020, there was an exhibition in Landsberg which is created by dieKunstBauStelle e.V. , named ‘Landsberg Stories’. The idea is Wolfgang Hauck’s and as a volunteers, we helped him for preparation and for other works. We ordered fences and decorate the inside hall like ‘labyrinth’ in order to make the exhibition more attractive.

It was difficult, when we placed the fence to the top of the hall but it worth.  We, ‘the four volunteer’ shared the days and stay in exhibition. I stayed for 4 days and in my days there were less people, because of the holiday and cold weather, so it is sad for me. But altogether more than 400 visitors came to the exhibition.

The exhibition consists lots of interesting and different topics. The most interesting one for me is, interviews with the people, coming from outside of Germany and the difficulties that they have faced during adaptation period.

Also photo of Hitler with his car in Landsberg and the Hitler toy, are interesting for me. Moreover, I observed that people find the exhibition impressive, and I think we combined lots of different topics like construction, history and culture. This means that we did a great job!

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi


Opening and press event

Press meeting with students, 19 December 2019 at 11:00 a.m.
Vernissage and opening, 19 December 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

It is not without current reason that topics such as traffic, bridge building, migration or modern contemporary history are the focus of this project.

Different results from the work of recent years will be presented. In addition to innovative and forward-looking proposals on mobility or bridge construction, there are also many surveys and interviews to be heard and seen that the pupils have conducted in the city.

The programme was first initiated by the assosiation dieKunstBauStelle 2014 under the direction of Wolfgang Hauck and has since been implemented in a variety of ways together with the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech.

We invite you to this unusual and diverse exhibition.
You will certainly learn more about Landsberg and Landsberger than you might think.

Yours sincerely

Wolfgang Hauck & Christian Karlstetter


Location: Columned hall in the Landsberg am Lech municipal theatre

Press date and tour: 19.12.2019, 11:00 a.m.

Opening: 19.12.2019, 19:00 o’clock

Duration of exhibition: 20.12.2019 to 7.1.2020, except on 24.12., 31.12. 1.1.2020

Opening hours: Daily 14 to 18 o’clock


“The ‘Türkenmariandl’ project is supported by the ‘MeinLand – Zeit für Zukunft’ programme of the Turkish community in Germany as part of the Federal Culture Makes Strong programme. Alliances for Education of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research”.

The exhibition is sponsored by the city of Landsberg.

Thoughts on Landsberg


On September 2019, I arrived to Landsberg am Lech as a volunteer after a trip from Istanbul to Munich. It is small and peaceful city which divided into new and old part like most of the cities in Germany. I find old part more beautiful and historical, new part there are nice markets for shopping. People are always smiling to me and they are extremely polite. One of the best activity for me to do in Landsberg is sitting near Lech river and listening the sound of Lech. The location of the city is nice so when I get bored, I can easily go to Munich or Augsburg with Deutsche Bahn or car. People’s interest to ‘art’ impressed me so much in Landsberg, also in the region of Bavaria. Although I find the weather in general Germany, cloudy and cold, Landsberg is different, generally sunny which makes me happy. My days in Landsberg is going quiet and peaceful, thanks to dieKunstBauStelle e.V. for this opportunity.

Text by Ata Yigit Sevdi

Exhibition 17.9. to 7. October 2019


Turborances, Teleporter and Zendusonakan
Mobility in the 21st century

17.9. to 7. October 2019

Aula of the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech
Entrance: corner Holzhauser Straße and Hindenburgring

Parking of the “church to the holy angels”
Parking of teh “Dominikus Zimmermann Gymnasium”

Opening hours:
Monday 23.9., 30.9. and 7.10. each 6 pm – 8 pm.

However, registration is required as the house is normally locked at this time.
Registration: mittelschule@landsberg.deTraffic in 50 years

Free entrance

Radio report: traffic in 50 years

Radio report: Trafic in 50 years

Young people from the Mittelschule Landsberg have dealt with this future scenario, interviewed citizens and put their ideas on canvas with experts.

“With the ideas of the young people, we have reached a highly professional level. The drafts could also come from a design study course or an engineering studio,” says project manager Wolfgang Hauck of KunstBauStelle e.V. Landsberg.

What will the future be like?

Listen up!

and… look at it.
The exhibition is in the Mittelschule Landsberg:

Ausstellung 17.9. bis 7.10. 2019


Radio report Landsberg am Lech 2019
The survey is in German.


Susanne Zehentbauer

Ausflug in die BMW Welt

Trip to the BMW World

In March we made an exciting trip to Munich with our workshop participants to visit the BMW World. We travelled by train and subway to a place full of stories and history and to experience the history of a global brand. to experience visions for tomorrow and the future of mobility. What could be better suited to our theme, we found. The young people were immediately involved when we made the suggestion and were already looking forward to this special day.

When we arrived, the spectacular architecture of BMW Welt was already inspiring us from the outside – it looks futuristic and impressive. It arouses curiosity about the universe of future mobility, and we were already looking forward to seeing what lies behind it.

But before we took a closer look, we first had an appointment. Because we booked a research workshop for our young people, where they could go on a great journey of discovery. The three topics were mobility, sustainability and globality. After a quiz, they were able to work in teams at various stations to become real young engineers – test, try out and develop. They had a lot of fun and worked well together as a team.

After following in the footsteps of the BMW developers, we were able to take a look at the inner workings of building the future. Here we were presented with the latest BMW luxury models, an exhibition of the BMW Group that showed us important business topics, such as the mobility of tomorrow. We learned that BMW i stands for the future of mobility like no other BMW Group brand – through visionary vehicle concepts and mobility services, inspiring design and a consistent focus on sustainability. We got to know the small, cute MINI and the big, proud and very luxurious Rolls-Roye. And we learned that the company’s first vehicle was a motorcycle, the BMW R32 from 1923. The variety of today’s models was right there at BMW Welt – traditional engineering skills and innovative technology were combined here.

In the midst of all these pioneering vehicles, we had a photo and film session with our young people. Of course, not without first discussing this with BMW corporate communications. For this, the students took on the role of BMW engineers, who present a new development and are interviewed about it. And so it came about that the young people were able to present their own sketches on the topic of mobility of the future – at least for our photos and video shoots – right in the middle of the BMW World. Beautiful shots were taken as the works were of course presented once again from a very special perspective.

Full of impressions, but also a little tired, we drove back to Landsberg. It was a fulfilled day. And our young people were all there with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. We can do something like that again, was the tenor. We will, for sure!


A meeting of experts Germany and Turkey in Istanbul

April 8-13, 2019
The governor Harun Kaya of the Istanbul district of Küçükçekmece with 760,000 inhabitants and the department for project development and implementation and the German cultural association dieKunstBauStelle e.V. held an exchange of experts and advisory meetings in Istanbul in April. The activities under the title “ZUsammenKUNFT” were implemented with the support of the German-Turkish Youth Bridge program.
The Project Development Department (PGUB) of the Küçükçekmece District aims to reach disadvantaged children and young people aged 10-18 and migrants living in the district with cultural and educational projects.
Wolfgang Hauck, project manager, chairman of the association dieKunstBauStelle e.V., joined the project, board of the Association of Free Performing Arts of Bavaria and director of the theatre “Die Stelzer”; Monica Schubert, founder and director of the theatre and art school mobilé; Harald Rüschenbaum, artistic director of the Bavarian Youth Jazz Orchestra, Professor Dagmar Boeck-Siebenhaar, from the Free University in Berlin; Selah Okul, Integration Commissioner of the city of Marktoberdorf and head of the working group “Asyl”; Josef Eder, dancer, and choreographer; Stephan Reischl, a former expert at the Goethe Institute in Ankara for German as a foreign language; Nai Wen Chang, an international director, and producer; Emre Tutus, dance teacher and the education experts of the PGUB department of the Küçükçekmece district together. They visited institutions, associations, and schools and held consultations with the directors, heads of administration, and political representatives. The visits to non-governmental organizations, which have extensive experience in the care of refugee and educationally disadvantaged young people, served to explore possibilities for cooperation.
PGUB experts, who also participated in an intensive workshop together with 11 teachers, are already planning a series of social and cultural studies in the Küçükçekmece district. Therefore, further meetings and a continuation of the expert exchange are to follow.
During the meeting with the guests from Germany in the district administration, it was always not emphasized how important it is for the shaping of the common future in Europe to unite young people and promote their active participation in society. With the unifying power of art and culture, the educational work in exchange and cooperation between Germany and Turkey should be strengthened. This important meeting has consolidated the foundations for this.
Several articles have been published on this meeting in Turkey.

Mobility concepts for the future

Fliang 2019 – Mobility concepts for the future

Following on from our paper airplane competition last year, our current youth workshops also deal with the topic of “flying” in the broadest sense. The children show us how they imagine mobility in the future. Really great futuristic possibilities have been created that show us how traffic in cities could perhaps soon be handled. And with what spectacular flight or driving models one will be able to move around.

Whether teleporters, flying skateboards, electric scooters that can be operated via mobile phone: There are always new and ever more imaginative ideas, some still a little vague, others already very precise and mature. Whether this is realistic and whether it would be feasible at some point is not important.

After all, Alois Wolfmüller couldn’t imagine back then that there would actually be airplanes, and above all, in what form and to what extent people fly nowadays. Nevertheless, he thought about flight models, put them down on paper and developed them.

And he never doubted his ideas. When it comes to visions, nothing should stop you. Because only if there are people with imagination, imagination, visions and a strong will, something can move forward, things can be created new.