Table of generations

Tisch der Generationen


Table of the generations

FOCUS: Citizens’ discussion and dialogue forum
AGE GROUP: all population groups
DURATION: October-Dezember 2021
SCOPE: Day event
IMPLEMENTATION LOCATION: Landsberg am Lech district
FUNDING PROGRAM: DSEE, German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (DSEE)


The project consists of an idea workshop as a socio-cultural event with a hybrid format, with the aim of the generational dialogue to attract and inspire new volunteer contributors for follow-up projects of the regional history exploration.

For this purpose, moderators are invited with citizens from up to seven communities to explore topics and local history with contemporary witnesses at a 12-meter table of generations and to develop formats for a future, regular dialogue.

This is intended to attract new volunteer contributors (youth and seniors) who will then act as multipliers to expand the format.


The project aims to recruit new volunteer participants for follow-up projects of the regional history exploration and to introduce them to moderation formats.

We want to bring together voluntary actors in the culture of remembrance, especially young people, older people as contemporary witnesses, in a generational dialogue and familiarize them with modern techniques as a means of communication.

In this way, we want to overcome the inhibitions and contact barriers of the target groups.
The event should involve 24 participants.

In the end, there should be concrete ideas and experiences to give the format of dialogue-based storytelling of local and regional contemporary history and to plan the expansion to the other seven communities in the district.


We plan to invite 24 citizens from seven partner communities to a kick-off event and multiplier training between October and December 2021. The local event will be complemented by online conferencing techniques and will be conducted as an idea workshop on generational dialogue.

For this purpose, three professional moderators and assistants will lead the format. Using methods such as speed dating, Fish Bowl, World Café, and Open Space, local topics, and content. These will then be used as a basis for playful elements to initiate in the form of dialogues and interviews, generation conversations and document them as audio recordings.


The project is funded by the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteering (DSEE) with 90% of federal funds.



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