Praise and applause for a tremendous achievement

Fashion Costume Project “The Red Thread – Trau Dich” by the cultural association “dieKunstBauStelle e.V.” and “Stelzer” presented in the gym in the Platanenstraße an impressive final presentation with top-class costume creations and great acting performances on stilts.

For the third time now, the fashion costume project “The Red Thread” of the Landsberg Cultural Association “dieKunstBauStelle e.V.” has been promoted with funding from the program “Kultur macht stark. “Alliances for Education” carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Landsberg Young people from Landsberg and the surrounding area, pupils, Landsbergers and Syrian refugees, have been working together since July with great verve to work on their works, and finally in a great final performance on stilts to introduce the Landsberg audience.

In this year’s Long Night of Art, the weather conditions were not the best, so the delicate costumes and masks were shown only in one exhibition. Now the fascinating results of the costume and theater workshop could be presented as a final performance in the gymnasium of the elementary school Platanenstraße.

Metal and raffia costumes and a forest of masks

There was an exciting and well-conceived production – with costumes that live on the opposite: metal materials and bast fabric were combined in the creation. In addition, participants held animal masks attached to wooden sticks in their hand during the presentation. With pig, rabbit, elephant & Co., they created a whole forest full of masks.

“For this unusual production this year, it was particularly elaborate and demanding to make the costumes by hand,” emphasizes Renate Stoiber, former head of the costume department of the Bayreuth Festival. “The young people have shown a lot of patience. A big thank you goes to you and of course to the many helpers in the background. Without her dedication and tireless commitment, we would never have made it. “

A piece of the teenagers

Peter Pruchniewitz, theater director of the Stelzer, studied with the young people in the autumn holidays with the newly created costumes and masks a performance with musical accompaniment, which has drawn the audience immediately in its spell. “The young actors have worked out everything themselves, brought in many ideas, developed the dramaturgy and selected the music themselves,” stresses Pruchniewitz. “It was a piece of the teens, completely self-made.”

But there was a big round of applause from the audience: “The young people really did something – and that in addition to the school, exams and homework,” says Maggie from Erpfting after the production, while they were still together cozy with coffee and cake together. “Also acting I found the dramatic story played very convincingly”.

“It was a real dance theater on stilts,” stresses Brunhilde from Kaufering. “The costumes were so elaborately worked. I especially liked the idea with the animal masks. “Ute from Bremen was particularly fascinated by how much work and energy the young people put into this project. “I think it’s great that they do handicrafts in their spare time and also stage themselves and present them on stilts for more than half an hour,” she says.

Wolfgang Hauck, director of Stelzer, was very happy. “After the successful festival Licca Line, we had another opportunity to realize a bigger project for and with young people in Landsberg. That was a very special opportunity that would not have been possible without the funding. “

The extracurricular project, which theKunstBauStelle is implementing together with the project partners “Die Stelzer” and Mittelschule Landsberg, is part of the measure “Jugend ins Zentrum!”, Which is part of the program “Kultur macht stark. Alliances for Education “funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Photo: Wolfgang Hauck

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