School differently

More than 150 pupils from Landsberg and the surrounding area are involved in our project ARCHITECTUS LUCIS with their teachers – a tremendous response!

All of them were able to contribute their own ideas and ideas and – as far as this was possible – realized. It was impressive to see with what enthusiasm and enthusiasm they were involved.

The 11-year-old Mia goes to the sixth grade of the Montessori school in Kaufring. “The project is great,” she says. “It’s really fun.” Her friend Melanie, who is also in the 6th class of the Montessori school, sees the same. “It’s nice that we can do as we imagine and deliver our own ideas, all are very nice, take good care of us and are very helpful, that’s nice.”

Adrian is 13 and goes to the 8th class of the Montessori school. He loves to craft with cardboard. That’s why he finds the project “great”. But he also finds great fun with the fact that he can speak English, which makes him a lot of fun.

Also the 11-year-old Jonas, who attends the 6th class of the Montessori school, is very enthusiastic. “It’s cool that we do something handcrafted and that we can work so deeply. What we’ve worked out is really great.”

The 17-year-old Jana, from the 12th grade of the IKG, likes to build and create something with other people. She also finds it great that her school is so committed and the schoolchildren for the project from the lesson. “For me, cartons have been just cartons, it’s exciting to see what you can do with it – especially in this size.”

“This is school, only tenfold improvement,” enthuses the 11-year-old Matthias, who attends the Mittelschule in Landsberg. His classmate Dino finds it great to have come here. “Not all teachers do that,” he says.

But his teacher Aslihan Öszan is also satisfied. “It’s really great here – the kids are thrilled, I’m thrilled, it’s interesting to see that the students, who are usually more difficult or conspicuous, are also quite a part of it And on Saturday, when they see the result, they will be even happier to be part of this large-scale project. “

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