The HistoryApp arrives in Kaufering

The HistoryApp arrives in Kaufering

Invitation to the kick-off workshop on Friday, 22.1.2022 at 16:00 in Kaufering

Kaufering: Cultural opportunities are severely limited at the moment due to Corona and only a few projects can still be realized: This includes the development of contributions for the LandsbergHistoryApp in the municipality of Kaufering.

The head of this project Wolfgang Hauck and his association dieKunstBauStelle e.V. are now including Kaufering in the HistoryApp, after Geltendorf, Diessen, Schondorf, Fuchstal and Greifenberg have already prepared texts and images for it.

In the first meeting with mayor Thomas Salzberger on coming Friday at 16:00 o’clock in the meeting room in the fire station in Kaufering, the topics for KauferingHistoryApp are compiled interactively together.

Interested parties can still register by phone: 08191 664111.

Participation is only possible with a current, negative rapid test (1-G rule).

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Jan. 19, 2022 Aloys.News LandsbergHistoryApp – history can be experienced digitally.

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