FOCUS: International, digital workshop with students
PLACE: Landsberg am Lech, Berlin and Istanbul
LANGUAGE: German, Turkish, English
PROGRAMS: German-Turkish Youth Bridge
ACTIVITY: Digital youth encounters
CONCEPTION: Wolfgang Hauck


History-App-Translate is a step into the future of digital history tools.

The project uses digital media as part of an international educational project. Photos, images, and texts are to develop contributions for a location-based HistoryApp. The project is about learning the techniques and editing, and for the students of the Faculty of Translation Science, the question of how cultural and historical context can be appropriately transferred for the German and Turkish cultural spheres.

The aims are:

  • Exchange of experience and intercultural encounters in digital formats
  • Translation of complex topics and their modification in the cultural context
  • Joint work with digital communication media.

The project will be used in conjunction with the LandsbergHistoryApp project. On the one hand, texts of the app will be available in Turkish, and on the other hand, the development of own tours and contributions for Istanbul.

Through the change of perspective from the operater, user and editor, the participating students will be guided to acquire interdisciplinary and multimedia expertise. They acquire expertise, investigate and learn to reflect on their present.

The format and methods are to be implemented as a model project in the medium and long term. In addition, there will be an exchange program to deepen techniques and exchange experiences in Istanbul, Berlin, and Landsberg.

In the context of the implementation, the translation and transmission of regional historical information, such as in foreign-language travel guides, will be considered. The question of translation between cultural circles will be examined in depth using the example of texts and their translation into Turkish, the problems, strategies, and methodology.

The Turkish partner, the T.C. Istanbul University, will examine criteria and methodology by working on texts and developing the application-oriented methodology. Students from the current semester in Turkey will take part in the project, as well as two leaders of the course.

From the German side, students and two experts from the editorial field will also participate. The texts and contributions are also to be tested and evaluated with Turkish-speaking users.

The special challenge lies in the fact that the subject areas do not simply have to be translated but rather transferred into another cultural framework in an intensive cultural exchange.


T.C. Istanbul University is a partner in this international project. The university is one of the leading universities in Turkey. The Faculty of Literature has been training students for the interpreting and translation profession for around 25 years.

The department Interpreting and Translating German undertakes many projects to familiarise students with partners for the demands of practice. With the translation club İSÇEV (Istanbul Üniversite Kulübü), the connection to the translator market in Turkey is made. This gives the students an insight into the professional life of interpreters.

Website: www.istanbul.edu.tr


The continuation project will be carried out in December 2021.
The results will be presented in different formats from December 2021:

Editing a tour of the history-rich shopping street İstiklâl Caddesi (“Independence Street”) in Istanbul.
Developing the basics for editing texts for smartphone apps.


  • Digital exchange formats via Zoom
  • Methodology workshops
  • Digital presentation
  • Exchange program for professionals


  • Students of Istanbul University
  • Faculty of Literature, Translation Studies
  • Department “Interpreting and Translating German


  • Wolfgang Hauck, DE
  • Martin Recken, DE
  • Dr. Ensa Filazi, TR


German-Turkish Youth Bridge

The project is part of the “Exploring new Spaces” project series of the German-Turkish Youth Bridge.
The project series is funded by the Federal Foreign Office.



In preparation.


As of December 2021. The project is currently being implemented.

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