Tell your story


Tell your story – Teens tell life lines
Teenagers shiow life lines

TITLE: Tell your story
DURATION: 1.10.2014 to 31.3.2015
FOCUS: research, reportage, documentation, photo, film, text
TEENAGERS: pupils of the Mittelschule Graben, age 14-18 years


Media Workshop, October-November 2014
Photo writing workshop, November-December 2014
Exhibition workshop, spring 2015


In Graben, a small village between Augsburg and Landsberg am Lech, one can time travel back to the Battle of Lechfeld. The king of Lechfeld is not Otto the Great anymore, it is Amazon! One of the most important places in German history now houses one of the most important corporations of the Internet.

3,000 inhabitants share the village with 40,000 Amazon employees and 300,000 parcels per day.

Graben has no supermarket and secondary schools, but unites 36 nations. Curiosity spreads, but also worry and concern. Who are the people who work for Amazon? Questions which are reinforced by the spatial separation between Amazon and the village.

In order to overcome this gap, the project “Tell Your Story” will send up to 18 young people as messengers and discoverers to connect the “strangers” and the “native” families.

Perspectives and similarities will become clear. Discovering important link points to create understanding and dismantle rejection will be good for the municipality. The Turkish-German Friendship Association acts as a link and translator in view of the different cultures and mentalities.

In the first part of the project, the young people learn the principles of journalistic activity with practical units about conducting interviews. Young people are supported by radio and print editors. The interviews are presented as audio texts for the public.

In the second part of the project, with the help of picture journalists, the pupils produce photo streams for the interviews. Together with the contributions and O-tones, the photos are presented in an exhibition. Through the combination of both formats, the viewers get the feeling of being directly in the action.


Susanne Zehentbauer
Andrea Schmelzle
Conny Kurz


Alina Laars, Fabian Müller, Jenna Hildenbrand, Carina Gebhard, Franziska Zehentbauer, Jennifer Kammerer, Sandra Schmerold, Lisa Kempter, Irene Lopez Castellanos


dieKunstBauStelle e.V.
Gemeinde Graben


“The project” Tell Your Story “is supported by the” MeinLand – Zeit für Zukunft “program of the Turkish community in Germany within the framework of the Federal Program Culture. Alliances for the formation of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. »

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Project successfully completed 2015.


Erzähl Deine Geschichte 2014-2015

Türkenmariandl – heute 2014

Türkenmariandl – gestern 2015

Türkenmariandl – morgen 2016-2017

Türkenmariandl – morgen – bewahren und gedenken 2017


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