Türkenmariandl tomorrow


Türkenmariandl tomorrow


2016 to 2017


dieKunstBauStelle Projekt Türkenmariandl | Trailer | 2017 from Wolfgang Hauck on Vimeo.


Media Workshop, February, December 2016, January 2017
Photo-writing workshop, May / June 2016, 2017
Exhibition Workshop, July 2016, 2017


They come from Romania, Afghanistan, Poland, Italy, Latvia and Africa: Fourteen young people from the Mittelschule Landsberg Ost between 14 and 18 years are currently working on migration histories and experiences in the past and their very own life situations within the framework of the “Turks’ Migraine yesterday” project. Young people, who are not even a year in Germany with their parents, sit at the table when it comes to the special features of everyday German life.

The extracurricular project is part of the cultural education work of the Landsberger Kulturverein «kunstBauStelle e.V.». The implementation is carried out together with the Bündnerispartner, the Mittelschule Landsberg and the Landsberg Tagblatt. In the third part, “Turks’ Day”, young people research the life-lines of foreign doctors, nurses and persons working in social or medical institutions in Landsberg. To this end, professionals from the fields of journalism, radio and photography lead young people to deal with the topic of migration and to capture their discoveries in word, image and sound.

The young people gain self-confidence through medial work, feel integrated, learn to express themselves artistically and journalistically with experiences and emotions, thereby improving their German language skills. For many, the encounters with people who have succeeded in the integration and professional qualification are a model for their own career. But you also learn how much effort is required and that you must “follow your dreams”, but also work on them.

The results are shown at an audiovisual exhibition in Landsberg.


Susanne Zehentbauer
Andrea Schmelzle
Shoshana Hein-Axenkopf
Conny Kurz
Wolfgang Hauck


Students of the transitional class of the Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech age 13 till 18 years.


Mittelschule Landsberg am Lech
Landsberger Tagblatt, Editors of the daily newspaper


University of Augsburg, Department of Literacy and Language Promotion
Within the scope of the project “Promoting teacher professionalism in dealing with heterogeneity (LeHet)”
Head: Dr. Ana da Silva, Coordination: Kirstin Ulrich, Christine Stahl


The project “Tamam” is supported by the “MeinLand program – a time for the future” of the Turkish community in Germany within the framework of the Federal Culture program. Alliances for the formation of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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The project is complete.

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