Code 0-1-19


CODE 0-1-19
AN INTERACTIVE VR HEARING GAME – Whatever that will be.

HEADLINE: virtual reality, multimedia audio game, digital escape room, stories in a new format.
AGE GROUP: from 12 years without age restriction a socio-cultural project for everyone
location: in and around the train station in Geltendorf
FUNDING PROGRAM: “Ta4 Digitality + Socioculture” of the special program NEUSTART KULTUR

Poster Projekt Code 0119


The Glass Train

2:17 minutes for your journey, dialogue, and story!

Sound of the forge

Create your sound – online and on-site at the forge!

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“Code 0-1-19” are digital experiential spaces that tell stories from “traces” in an abandoned train station building in the community of Geltendorf or/and Schondorf. The 5,500 inhabitants and daily 8,000 commuters have no meeting spaces. The “traces” in the station will inspire people to invent stories and create them as a digital experience with VR and 360° panoramic tours in mobile production containers at the station.

Experts from media, theater, and radio will accompany the participants of all ages and create formats like “Pixel Hunting”, “Storytelling” and “Escape Room” with them.

We can use the former train station in Geltendorf as an action location. There we have the waiting room and adjoining rooms at our disposal, which have been empty for four years. The place lies, despite its central location in the town, fallow. There are many traces in the station: Posters, timetables, graffiti, messages, keys or broken windows, and coffee mugs.

We are launching a competition for all ages with different formats to invent stories and experience digital storytelling in a whole new way. The “tracks” in the station are the “clues” for the plots.

These stories will be incorporated into a 360° panorama as interactive digital elements and offered to different audiences and requirements:

There will be audio, video, photo, and texts produced by actors from the population under the guidance of our instructors.

For this purpose, we offer three formats:


For young people aged 12 and over. Here you search for hidden, interactive pixels, a search game for which, depending on the element, you will receive clues as to where the next point could be. In the end, it becomes exciting what you discover in the process. A digital puzzle, a painting after digital clues with surprising results.

STORYTELLING: Crime, Love, or Science Fiction Story

Here a more complex story is told with the “clues”. The next step in each case is learned through the deposited interviews, witness statements, and photos. The visitors have to walk the path digitally on a PC, smartphone, or with VR glasses. An interactive media game to get to know what is possible with a smartphone and imagination.


Here, players will make their way through the station on the spot. They are directed and organized by other players who are at home on the PC via cell phone, just like in new agent movies. The clues are digital and to be found on the spot, like a phone number to call. This is a playful competition to see which team can solve the tasks and puzzles the fastest. the stories come from the people of Augsburg.

 CODE 0119 Reise mit dem Gläserne Zug


  1. INVESTIGATION: October 2021: preparation, create information materials, document “traces”.
  2. IDEAS COMPETITION: October-November 2021: Announcement of competition, workshops (technology, design, writing) with the contributors
  3. PRODUCING: October-November 2021: producing the stories with sound, video, photo
  4. PRESENT: November-December 2021: release 360° animations and virtual reality.


With the playful approach to the creation of stories, the station should be experienced and perceived as a more exciting, mysterious place. Thereby a sociocultural attraction shall take place, which nobody expects in this form, and show how changeable the own environment is. The latest digital presentation as VR and 360°Panoramas with audio contributions and videos will be created by the participating population itself. This innovative framework shall symbolically stand for the new departure.


The project will be carried out from May to December 2021.


  • Lucian Binder-Catana
  • Wolfgang Hauck
  • Gonzalo Orce
  • Renate Stoiber
  • Michael Lutzeier
  • Anke Neudel



Habitat Property BmbH, Bahnpark Ausgburg gGmbH


The project is funded by the special program of the Fonds Soziokultur is part of the NEUSTART KULTUR program of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM) in the economic stimulus package of the Federal Government.


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The project is completed.

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